Why You Should Invest in Animated Infographics in 2022

Why You Should Invest in Animated Infographics in 2022


With an effective blend of images and texts, infographics can do a fair job at data representation. But here’s something that is fast replacing static infographics as the next generation of content format that has all the visual charm of infographics but packs a lot more impact: Infographic videos.

Over the last few years, videos have enjoyed peak popularity across mediums and today, they make over 85% of the total traffic on the internet. So, if you’re wondering about sprucing up your business for the coming year, infographics videos could be just want you need.

Think about it — if you had the choice, would you like to read for 10 minutes or watch a 2-minute video to understand a concept? Like you, most of your target audience would fall in the latter category. It is easier to disperse information and keep the audience engaged through videos. This is where infographics videos trump over other forms of visual communication

Given the efficacy of infographics videos, it is only logical that this trend is going to go upwards in 2022. Read on to find why you should invest in infographic videos in 2022.

1. Infographic Videos are Entertaining

The average human in the age of smartphones, the internet, and social media gets to see hundreds of advertisements each day. No wonder marketers are trying their best to grab and hold on to the attention of consumers. Interest brings attention and entertainment is a classic method to arouse one’s interest.

Contrary to static infographics where the viewer must put in more energy, Animated infographics videos are interesting. No matter what your business niche, product, or service, peppy infographic videos can pull off a storyline. Get all the eyeballs you want and keep them hooked through the entire length of the video!

2. Makes Things Easier

If your product or service offerings are difficult to explain, look no further than infographic videos! An infographic video utilizes animations – characters, objects, texts, numbers, graphs and environments that have no limitation other than your imagination. No matter how complicated maths or statisticsis, it can be simplified through infographics and that too, quite easily.

These animation also offers incredible value to the audience – product usage can be depicted in-depth in the shortest possible timeframe. The miraculously simple nature of these explainer videos gets the job done better than any other marketing tool!

3. They Get Shared

This should not come as a surprise – people share what they like on social media platforms. If the content is well done, viewers engage with it more often and pass them around to their friends and family.

They are short, attractive, and entertaining enough to be passed around and this is why a high-quality infographic animated video can even go viral. You can get more exposure, not to mention the huge savings on marketing.

4. Marketing Usability

Infographic videos are great marketing tools – no matter what stage of your sales funnel you add them to, they bring super value. Use them with landing pages for product sales, and they bring in improved conversion rates. When used with re-targeting campaigns directed towards your current clientele, they would improve retention drastically.

On the other hand, when used at the top of the funnel, infographic videos help boost certain SEO parameters, getting you better rankings for SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

5. Heightened Brand Value

Your overall brand value gets significantly impacted by the online presence of your business. With infographic videos, audience engagement increases across the board – all ages, genders, and demographics can easily relate to the content. When potential customers view the captivating stories around your product or services, the perceived reliability of your brand goes up.

Higher brand recognition means more traffic turning into warm leads and eventually converting to sales.

6. Universal Applications

Whether you need to ‘storify’ your content or visualize product usage, infographics are the best way to accomplish your goals, hands down. From Facebook pages and Instagram reels to blog posts and landing pages, there is nowhere that animations don’t perform well.

Moreover, they can be easily manipulated to target specific audience categories across the different stages of the marketing funnel. There is hardly any other marketing tactic that fits this description.

7. Cost-Effective

Video advertisements can be an expensive affair with all the setup, actors, and post-production. Infomercials can fit right into your marketing budget, whether you are a small business or a multinational conglomerate.

The ROI generated through these videos is great because you can use the same content over and over again for multiple purposes. The gradual increase in your website’s organic reach is another factor here – animated videos contribute to reduced bounce rate and increased session time, getting you more customers and revenue.

Motion Edits is a trusted name in the animation and video editing industry. With years of experience to back up our work, we have built a reputation as one of the leading animated video companies in business. No matter what your needs, our skilled experts can create stunning infographic videos and animated content that can help you get on the fast track to marketing success in 2022. Contact us today to get started!

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