Why You Should Include Explainer Videos in Your Employee Training Toolkit

Why You Should Include Explainer Videos in Your Employee Training Toolkit


The success of every company and business is largely dependent on the mindset, skills, and attitude of its employees. The right training environment can help accomplish these attributes, making sure your employees perform at the best of their abilities.

Explainer videos do a great job at making sure your training programs are a great success. Read on to find how explainer videos can be one of the most important aspects of your employee training toolkit.



Increased Engagement

During long training presentations, it is only natural for our minds to wander off due to boredom. Furthermore, the human mind only retains a limited amount from the constant bombardment of information.

Animated explainer videos can change all that. They are exciting to watch and keep the audience hooked so they watch with great enthusiasm till the very end. This means they retain more information down the line and help your company achieve its objectives.

Enhanced Learning

It is no secret that animated explainer videos are fun to watch. They have much higher visual appeal than textual documentation or even images. One of the best things about them is that there is no ceiling on what you can depict with animated videos – you are only limited by your imagination.

No matter how complex a concept is, a well-done animated explainer video can help your trainees get a grip on it with ease. Whether you are recruiting fresh candidates or upgrading the skills of existing employees, animated videos would prove beneficial for learning and development.

Reduced Cost of Training

By introducing animated explainer videos in your training process, you can cut the cost of training. Many of the world’s most successful businesses recognize and utilize the benefits of e-learning heavily based on videos over classroom training.

Video-based training reduces the budgetary burden of paperwork, materials and other resources required to deliver in-class training without putting a dent in the quality of training.

When a refresher session is required, you do not need a professional trainer and manuals. Running the videos would do a great job at keeping the employees on track, whether it is industry-specific technical skills or generic business communication.

Better Time-Management

New hires are generally confused and nervous about joining a new company. They need confidence in their decisions and hand-holding through processes and procedures. Lengthy speeches, text manuals, and static presentations only add to their mental fatigue and in the end, they barely remember the communication.

Professionally made and well-executed animated videos familiarize the employees with the values of the company in no time. The culture, environment, and policies of your business can also be communicated in the shortest possible timeframe with crisp animated videos.

Brands across the globe spend billions of dollars and man-hours in the hopes of increasing workplace efficiency and improving productivity. Animated explainer videos can help your company reduce these expenses through quick and precise communication of updates.

Universal Applicability

Unlike the usual training drills, videos can be utilized everywhere from policy familiarization for new hires to safety awareness training for existing staff. If your business involves physical labor, safety training is vital for day-to-day operations and animated videos can do a great job at demonstrating safety protocols.

For customer service profiles, professionalism has to reflect in every second of every conversation. Animated videos help employees get a deep understanding of customer care essentials, telephone conversation skills, and email etiquettes, helping them represent your brand in the best light.

Remote Training

With the pandemic-led developments, working with remote teams spread across the globe has become the new normal. With training sessions going remote, animated videos provide the much-needed uniformity in delivering quality training that gets all the employees up to speed.

With animated videos, quality is everything. While high-quality animated videos leave a positive and lasting impression, low-quality ones can tarnish your brand’s reputation. At Motion Edits, we are a team of highly skilled professionals with decades of experience in creating stunning animated explainer videos. Put your best foot forward with us by your side.

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