Why Startups Should Use Animated Explainer Videos

Why Startups Should Use Animated Explainer Videos


Start-ups have many challenges. Among them, visibility is a key concern in a market saturated with exposure. Putting a start-up’s product or service in front of its target audience is the gateway for consumer awareness, lead generation, and sales.

How to do that?

The golden key in the marketing world to open that gateway are videos. They are the leading choice for marketers across industries. Explainer videos improve the chances of lead generation. Your explainer video can positively influence the decision-making process by successfully motivating your audience to buy your product or service.

Why opt for animated explainer videos?

It always makes sound business sense to work on the strategy that is showing guaranteed results. Animated explainer videos have grown to great heights because they are received really well by the audience. As a start-up, time and cost are important factors and limited as well. So, why not spend on a marketing campaign that successful and forward-thinking businesses are using to sell their product?

The best-animated explainer video production agency knows that statistics don’t always dictate business decisions. There have to be logical reasons that show improvements to your bottom line.

Here are some reasons that show why start-ups should use animated explainer videos:

• They cost less than live-action explainers.

Animated explainer videos are the natural choice for start-ups on a budget who are struggling to explain and sell their product. However, compromising budget for quality is a big no-no. Granted that developing a professional-level live-action explainer video is hugely expensive considering the price tags on actors, crew, and location. Still, you don’t want to end up with a cookie-cutter video made with free online templates. The expression of your brand can’t be of poor quality affecting your product’s fate. Choose a good-quality animated explainer video production company and still manage to save costs in comparison.

• It’s easier to repurpose and modify.

Market trends change and with animated explainer videos you can repurpose old content to fit with them rather than create a completely new one. It is easier to make post-production changes on expressions and movements of characters, backgrounds, and other subtle corrections that polish and transform the video. More cost-efficient this way!

• It can explain anything and is flexible to match any business concept.

Start-ups are about innovating existing products from a new perspective. And animated explainer videos are ideal to explain these new and unfamiliar concepts. From software, apps, to tangible consumer products and holidays, every industry can be decoded through animation. They give you the creative freedom to tell your brand’s story as you have imagined it.

• Higher engagement makes for better conversion.

Animated explainer videos are entertaining and easier to grasp. Psychologically, animation has a better pull on the audience and retained longer in memory. Ideal factors for a start-up to improve its brand awareness and maintain a high recall rate. Thus, they give you better and higher sales conversions.

• They are the content with the best ROI.

As a natural result from the above points, animated explainer videos lead to better returns on marketing costs.

• It powers up your social media platforms.

Animated explainer videos do wonders for your social media pages by driving engagement, shares, and promoting your content through Promotional videos. It makes a great base for building a cult following for your brand.
Set yourself apart with an animated explainer video that will create a unique identity for your start-up. You can profit from their natural viral nature to boost your conversions and website SEO.

Call Motion Edits to produce your animated explainer video…

…if you are ready to grab your market share from the big brands already playing in the market. We can translate your start-up’s uniqueness into a creative and professional animated explainer video that will address your first challenge—creating a customer base.
We understand that a start-up needs to make an indelible mark on its target audience with its brand, its message, and its promise. The element of animation and graphics appeals to everybody.

Our productions are aimed at creating mass excitement and interest in people about what a start-up is offering. Let us produce your animated explainer video to check all the challenge boxes of:

  • Building your brand,
  • Carving your market position, and
  • Increasing your conversion leads and earn better ROI.

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