Why Educational Institutes Should Create Explainer Videos: 6 Undeniable Benefits

Why Educational Institutes Should Create Explainer Videos: 6 Undeniable Benefits


The trend of learning through animated videos had been on the rise for quite some time now. Why? Simply because such videos make learning so much more accessible, engaging, and fun. 

With the onslaught of COVID19 and our world turning topsy-turvy in just a year, the practicality of explainer videos for students has increased manifold. In a 2020 Gallup survey, it was revealed that 83% of Americans have children studying online due to the pandemic. 


Some relevant statistics

According to a Statista report, 45% of elementary, 64% of middle school, and 63% of American high school students use digital learning tools daily.

In another report by Statista, it was revealed that the popular-most e-learning materials used in K-12 are online educational videos, apps, and software. 82% of students say that they expect more educational videos to make learning easy.

Forbes says that e-learning can help boost student retention rates. 91% of educational institutes believe videos increase student satisfaction while 82% see it as a tool to further student achievements.

Overwhelming as it is these numbers are, let us now break down the reasons, why you, as an institute, cannot ignore the mileage that explainer videos can add to your performance as an education provider.


  1. Complex concepts made easyWith graphics and animation, complex theories can be explained easily, imprinting the concepts along with the illustrated examples into the minds of the students. 

As a thumb rule, we retain better what we see and experience, rather than what we read and understand. In an explainer video, students not only watch the video but also experiences the animations, the color play, the audio, and the text together to form a complete memory that has better chances of retention than a classroom lecture.


  1. Makes learning fun – Reading textbooks can be tedious for many learners. A majority of them, however, love watching videos. 

The colorful animations and motion graphics in an explainer video are eye-popping and help them understand the concepts easily. Short, to-the-point explainer videos with an element of interactivity take the fun aspect a notch higher for students. 

Learning through videos will win hands down against monotonous lectures delivered either online or in class.


  1. Easier to hold attention – Short attention span is a problem every educator has to deal with. 

With the majority of educational institutes offering their programs online in the current situation, explainer videos are the best way to grab the attention of students, regardless of their age, and keeping them hooked till the end. 

For one, the teachers who cannot view every student like in a physical class can sigh in peace that each of them is paying attention to the video. That’s because of the simple reason that no one can ignore an interesting animation video playing in front of them.


  1. Improved student engagement – Adding an element of interactivity to your explainer video can dramatically heighten the level of student participation in a class. It appeals to them to respond and interact without forcing them to do so. The reason? Animated explainer videos are just irresistible and most students will not be able to refuse the pull to engage in say a video-end quiz. 

Moreover, videos have the biggest advantage of flexibility: They can get replayed repeatedly to view or recap the concept taught, anytime and anywhere.


  1. Enhanced online presence – As the owner of the video, you can decide where to release the video, either on YouTube, Instagram, or your personal media platform. The judicious planning of your institute’s online presence will help increase visibility among your stakeholders as well as your target audience garnering long-term benefits.


  1. Promotional and marketing benefits – Explainer Videos are excellent opportunities to promote your institution. Consider them as your goodwill ambassador. When these videos, available on various open platforms, are viewed by countless knowledge seekers who are not your students, they get influenced by the quality of content you deliver and develop a high regard for your teaching standards. 


Other uses of educational explainer videos


As an educational institute, you can create an impact with your explainer videos. Explaining the rules to follow for new students to a nostalgic production for graduates reminiscing their journey to pitching to local businesses for internships to requesting alumni for generous contributions, everything can be made easy yet impactful for the viewers with explainer videos. 

However, given that all these figures and advantages of explainer videos indicate an upsurge in the promotion of the same by educational institutes, the sad part is that more than 50% of teachers as well as students, do not have the necessary tools to create and share such videos. 

This is where partnering with a professional explainer video company like Motion Edits can work in your favor. Our motion designers and animators work closely with you to help you achieve your goals. We select the explainer video type suited to your purpose — be it screencast, character-based, whiteboard animation, or others — and create impressive explainer videos that benefit your students and further your reputation as an educator.

Get in touch with us today to reap the true advantages of explainer videos for your institution.








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