Video Editing’s Role in Boosting Marketing Performance

Video Editing’s Role in Boosting Marketing Performance


The value and need of video marketing for business has continued to be strong in 2021. The impact of video marketing has shown how it is an essential driver of a brand’s success. It is versatile enough to make a positive impact on any business across every industry. They are also especially suited to be used in any social media platforms or channels. Video should be at the core of any effective digital marketing strategy.

Why video works?



Video connects with consumers in a much more intimate way than other mediums. This ability to impact the audience profoundly is because it allows a brand to engage with the viewer and showcase its personality in a creative manner. Whether you want to educate your audience about your brand, provide value, promote important campaigns and new products, video does that all while entertaining. It brings the brand closer to consumers and establishes credibility.

The second point is that people want video, and prefer watching it before any decision of purchase. Today, social media is a leading source for information, and entertainment. Did you know that the average person scrolls through 300 feet of mobile content every day? What do you think is more likely to stop this scrolling, a text post, an image, or a short video or reel?

Can any video work the marketing magic?


Even though videos garner more interest and engagement from the audience, not every video qualifies for success. Picture this, a 2-minute-long video with blurred transitions between shots, or low quality or badly recorded audio, or with ‘umms’, ‘errs’, and awkward pauses, or just too much special effects overpowering the main message. Would you want to sit through that video? No.

So, not all videos are capable of boosting marketing performance. The ones that do, go through careful and meticulous video post-production that primes them for consumption.

Post Production is an important as well as one of the toughest phases in the production process. It is not just about cutting out necessary footage. In fact, video editing is the value adding aspect of production such as including graphics, adding a background score, animation or text, color grading, etc.

Video editing is the magic your videos need to boost marketing performance

As cinematographers, videographers, wedding video producers, and video production companies you may have some of the best potential footage for scroll-defying videos. But the expertise to realize this potential lies with video editing.

Video editing carefully layers motion graphics, images, text, audio, and other effects like animation, vfx etc. to make the visuals more interesting and engaging. All these compels the audience to view the video in its entirety and engage with your message. Engagement leads to conversions and that’s how marketing performance is boosted. The key word here is quality. If your video goes through some rock-solid video editing, it will have that quality.


Video editing experts know that keeping it short works.

However, there’s no one-size-fits-all theory. While Instagram campaigns will need an impactful video spanning no more than 60 seconds, other platforms can work with 90 seconds to 3 minutes long videos. Its all about how well the story is told in the time frame.

Video editing can smartly include stock footage.

Here, being smart means lowering the cost of footage production by providing access to an impressive library of stock footage. Second, it also means that your style as a cinematographer isn’t diluted as only those shock footage are selected that complements your style and project at hand.

Video editing adds the animation magic.

Grab attention with some cool 2D animated characters & icons, kinetic typography, or motion graphics. Just the right amount of animation can reinforce or complement your content to spice up the entire video.

Video editing makes your video look professional.

Color correction, layering B-roll, and a host of other nuances provide a polished, cinematic feel to your content. Besides, professional video editors give you extended benefits such as:

  • Providing service guarantee
  • Saving your time and money while you are assured of a quality product
  • Providing innovation in editing practices and equipment
  • Experience of making a difference

Video editing makes a big difference to the content that you create

When it comes to boosting marketing performance, we at Motion Edits can guarantee that video editing increases the chance of connecting with and engaging your audience than an unedited one. We know how content can be edited to suit a specific industry. We are one of the best video editing professionals that can customize your content to perform at its best in any channel.

Our video editing services include reducing ambient noise and cleaning up audio, shot sequencing, de-cluttering footage, enhancing video with special effects, defective pixel correction, adding animation and other motion graphics, and many more techniques – which in the end brings out the story that is engaging.

Video editing’s edge

The nuance of a video’s marketing performance hinges on a lot of factors. From the choice of social media platform, to type of video such as explainer, corporate interview, product reviews, etc. and even on the type of your target audience—video editing can and does fine-tune the video to have the maximum effect.

Skilled video editing takes any recording and turns it into an opportunity of unique customer experience. Contact Motion Edits to access top-of-the-line video editing services.

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