Video Editing Company Newyork

An NYC Video Editing Company That Brings Out the Best in Your Films

In the city that never sleeps, where media reigns supreme, and stories unfold at every corner, producing videos that strike a chord can be challenging. New York City’s reputation as a global media hub demands top-notch video production. Nothing short of the best video editors will help you achieve this.

At Motion Edits, we have over a decade of video editing experience under our belt, working through thousands of hours of raw footage and editing thousands of projects for clients worldwide. The art of story-building lies at the heart of everything we do lies. Therefore, we don’t just edit; we meticulously craft narratives with impeccable sound design that captivate the audiences.

From refining the beautiful nuances of wedding videos and the intricacies of documentary films to the persuasiveness of corporate narratives, we do it all. While all our editing work includes basic color grading, our sister company, Motion Grades, specializes in more advanced color grading services. When it comes to the realm of VFX, another sister company – Motion Effects – brings imagination to life using the most sophisticated VFX tools.

Together, we are the video post-production experts you can trust!