Video Editing Company Chicago

Your Video Editing Partner in Chicago That Breathes Life Into Your Footage

You have spent countless hours shooting the perfect footage. But to become an impressive video that resonates with your audience, it has to go through a critical step: Post-production.

Achieving the desired post-production outcome is almost impossible without the right video editing services. Inconsistent color tones, lackluster visuals, or a narrative that doesn’t quite flow right – these hitches can diminish your project’s impact.

At Motion Edits, we are a full-service video editing company serving clients in Chicago. Our mission is more than just editing – it’s about building stories by weaving our post-production magic into raw footage. We make your films come alive in the way you’ve envisioned them and often beyond that.

With over a decade of excellence in post-production, we’ve grown to be a trustworthy partner for filmmakers, videographers, directors, and leading video production companies in Chicago and beyond. While we provide color grading with all our editing work, our specialized sister company, Motion Grades caters to all types of advanced color grading needs. And for unmatched VFX, Motion Effects, another specialized wing of Motion Grades, ensures your vision is realized to perfection.