Using Animated Explainer Videos to Make Your Product Demos a Roaring Success

Using Animated Explainer Videos to Make Your Product Demos a Roaring Success


Every day, hundreds of companies launch thousands of products globally in the hopes of generating waves in the market. But, with every brand fighting for a share in the product sales pie, how do you make sure your product promotion stands out? 

Enter product demo videos. These are one of the top-ranking tactics to increase the reach of your products. But did you know that you can grab even more eyeballs by throwing animation into the mix? Let us tell you how. 

What’s Fuss About Animated Explainer Videos?

Ever seen one of those short, fun videos on social media sites showcasing a new product, or simply demonstrating its usage? Well, those are classic explainer videos, and with time, they have evolved into animated ones.  

Explainer Video for a Medical Device from Motion Edits on Vimeo.

Explainer videos have been around for a while, only to surge in popularity over time, and rightfully so. They rank amongst the best tools to garner attention for product launches, typically through landing pages linked to sales funnels. Their relevance is solidified with the fact that 84% of people make a buying decision after they go through a brand’s video. 

While video marketing is a robust marketing tool on its own, animated versions of these videos are taking the marketing world by storm.

They are tremendously interesting and command audience attention easily, which gets more leads and conversions for your products. Win-win indeed!

Top Reasons to Use Animated Explainers for Your Product Demos

Brands have tried multiple methodologies over the years for product promotions and demonstration, with varying degrees of success. Many of these methods are no longer in use with developments in technology and consumer behavior. However, you can bet that come what may, animated videos are here to stay.

Ever-growing popularity

More and more people are engaging with videos as we speak! Video sharing platforms are some of the most accessed sites around the globe, and marketers swear by the power of engaging videos. 

Estimates suggest that by the year 2022, videos would make up 82% of the entire online traffic. One of the prime factors contributing to this constant upsurge is video consumption on smartphones and handheld devices. As smartphones and the internet keep developing, these numbers are bound to grow. No wonder, entire industries are being built around video creation and sharing. 

Innovative marketing method

Although animation has been around for decades, it is fairly recently that brands tapped into their true advertising potential. This is because animated videos can make even the most complex ideas appear entertaining. For viewers, it is effortless and fun to watch such videos, marketers get a much better attention span with much less hassle. 

High engagement rates

Viewers are hooked on these exciting videos and hence, share them with their friends, colleagues, and family online. This creates high engagement rates for animated videos and gets far more results than generic paid campaigns.

Better flexibility

With live-action videos, the creator is limited by the laws of physics and budgets. There is only so much you can do within this paradigm, which rules out many possibilities. On the other hand, animations can be what you want them to be. They give free rein to creativity, are delightfully graphic, and can even borrow elements from VFX to deliver stunning visuals. 

Clearly, imagination is your only limitation to what you can achieve with animated videos. From microscopic details of materials and textures to planets and galaxies, you name it, and you got it! 

A cut above the rest

While people are responding more and more to videos, some marketers have not joined the bandwagon. 17% of marketers confess they do not know how to begin working with animated videos and a fifth of them suggested they find it costlier than traditional methods. It is noteworthy that animated videos would only grow in market share, and sooner or later, digital marketers would have to catch on. 

The Key to Success

In the ocean of information created every day through explainer videos, animated and otherwise, it is easy to get overwhelmed. To succeed in getting the best results in the fastest possible manner, focus on a few basics:

  • These videos should not be too long. Remember, explainers are short videos – no one likes boring and pushy content that beats around the bush.
  • Create your content around showcasing a problem that your potential customers would want to be fixed and eventually offer your product as the solution.
  • The overall resonance of your brand and product should be consistent with the expectations of the customer.
  • Your CTA (Call to Action) should be well-placed and powerful – let your viewers know what they should do next and why.
  • Seek quality over quantity — the better your production, editing, and overall video quality, the better your audience perceives your brand 

If you are excited by the prospects but do not know where to begin, our team at Motion Edits would love to help. 

Do you want to create killer animated videos that are easy on the pocket? Get in touch with our team of experts and get on the fast track to success!

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