Wedding Highlight

A wedding highlight is a cinematic and artistic edit of the wedding day. It loosely follows chronologically the events of day, while the storyline is built up using important elements from the toasts and vows, that are spread across the length of the film. Music plays a very important role and the choice for songs is made that complements the story. Complete sound design is done that includes syncing & cleaning up the audio, adding ambient sounds depending on the visuals. Icing on the cake happens when the film is color graded.

Wedding highlights are super focused on the couple and every aspect of the film is about them and their important day. These wedding highlight can vary anywhere between 3 minutes to 10 minutes. Our wedding video editors are experienced to take care of multi camera, multi audio set up to put together an artistic, emotional and engaging film.

Short Film

These wedding films are longer version of highlight films that can range between 12 minutes to 20 minutes. These are still cinematic and artistic edits where toasts, vows, speech from officiant are included to drive the story. All the segments of the wedding day are elongated with to give more focus to each of the aspects. Special focus is given to ceremony and reception. Sound design plays a very important role here as loads of small and intricate audio moments are included to ensure the wedding edit is always engaging. Complementing licensed music is used to set the tone of specific sections of film. And then every thing comes together in Grading.

Short films are ideal for 6 hours or more of wedding coverage. Our team of experienced and versatile wedding video editors are always available to assist you in producing high quality short films.

Documentary Edit

These are full films that documents all the events of the wedding day chronologically. Apart from the preps, first looks and portrait shots, complete ceremony and entire toasts are part of the film. We do all the syncs for multi cameras and multi audio setups for ceremony and speeches, use the best shots and audio channel from all those available. The ceremony starts with bridal part entry and ends with the couple leaving, and everything in between is included. All the important aspects of reception is included, with speeches in entirety.

We have expertise in editing sub-continental weddings, that are multi day events, along with traditional Christian and Jew weddings that can run for 90 minutes to 120 minutes. We can offer the Ceremony reel or Speeches reel as well, if requested. We’d love to have our wedding video editors edit your next documentary full film.

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Professional Wedding Video Editing Services

Wedding video editing is a crucial aspect of preserving memories of one of the most special days in the life of a couple. The editing service involves turning raw footage into an emotional and engaging story of the wedding day. Wedding video editing can be a time-consuming and a challenging task that involves going through all the footage, selecting the best shots, syncing all media, sound design, color grading and then putting everything together to tell a compelling story.

As a post-production studio, we understand the challenges wedding film makers pass through. Apart from the pre-production and production stress, handing the business, marketing, staying on top of technology and shooting gears, travelling from one wedding to another, can keep you pretty busy.And add to this the responsibility of editing the weddings you shoot can really overwhelm your plate which is, perhaps, already full. Things can quickly add up creating backlog, you would find difficult to clear.

Our video editors are the best in the industry. We work on a variety of media, from HD to 4k to 6k. The team has experience in editing BMPCC, Red cameras, apart from working on mirrorless cameras from Sony, Canon, Nikon and Panasonic. As far as color profiles goes, we can handle and grade log files. Rec.709 goes without mentioning! With our experience we understand the logistical challenges of transferring media as each project can take up to 500 gb of space. A workaround to that is to send proxy files and the project file, we edit the marriage video and can send the project file back, when you can link the original media back together and render the final output. Although, if internet is not a concern, we prefer to work with original media.

Motion Edits is a professional video editing company that specializes in creating wedding films. We have an experience & versatile team of wedding film editors who would love to tell the story of your wedding day. We offer Cinematic wedding films, Teasers, Trailers, Short Films and Documentary films that can vary from 30 minutes to 180 minutes. A cinematic edit can vary between 3 minutes and up to 12 minutes. While a short film can be between 15 to 18 minutes. A short film is slightly longer version of the cinematic highlight, where ceremony takes larger space than it takes in the highlight. Teasers can by up to one minute and which is a good collection of details, drone, portrait shots.

A wedding video is a keepsake that the couples will treasure for years to come. It is also a reflection of a film maker’s work and brand. Hiring a professional wedding video editing service can ensure that the final edit is of high quality, captures the important moments of the wedding day, builds the story from vows and speeches and aligns with your preferences and overall studio’s brand.


We believe in the “Customer First” Philosophy. They are the ones who have made us reach the stage of one of the best Video Editing, Animation and VFX Company in the USA. Each client is equally valuable to us, and we strive to build long term relationships. Here’s what our clients have to say about us!

Elizabeth Taylor

    "WHAT?!! I cannot believe you edited this! THIS IS A MASTERPIECE!!! I was laughing and brought to tears throughout the video! I absolutely LOVE the layout & story of the video. I cannot even put into words how grateful I am. I will most DEFINITELY be hiring you for the rest of my videos!!!"

    JT Films

      “Motion edits have video editors that are extremely creative, detail oriented, and have that perfect ear for choosing and editing to the seamless soundtrack. Basically, I outsource Video Editing, but the fact that they also do amazing animated videos gives me an added advantage. I get them to add creative motion graphics to my video projects.”

      Lucid Cinematography

        “Love the way how you guys bring out the best to make a creative storyline encapsulating what makes the wedding day special to the couple. Amazed by your ability to add video effects, sound effects, and creative transitions when needed to add excitement to the wedding film finished product. Not to miss, the touch of the best video color grading & correction giving my films a cinematic look.”

        Caddy Productions

          “Motion Edits is that unicorn video editing company, which with its creative editing, produces wedding films that make my viewers get emotional, each and every time! I have also worked with them for a few corporate & commercial promo videos. Their specialized team for each video editing type is clearly visible in their outstanding output. Thanks for being my one stop go to partner for all my video post-production requirements.”

          RJ Visuals

            “I am always amazed by how they come out with unique animations every single time. I would say they are not just a team of animators but original artists! What my clients find best is how the videos connect to the brand. Their customized animated videos and reasonable prices is what make me stick to them. Could not ask for more.”

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