Top Reasons Why Wedding Studios Outsource Their Video Editing

Top Reasons Why Wedding Studios Outsource Their Video Editing


Shot a Video, Now What?

As a wedding film producer, you shoot tons of videos on a regular basis. The process of video post-production is not alien to you. You know that post-production is a tedious and time-consuming process. And, you fully comprehend the importance of video editing to project your vision aesthetically. Now, the question is: Do you have the time, expertise, or resources to weave post-production magic into your videos? 

The Answer Lies in Hiring a Pro Editor 

Let’s be honest, a wedding video isn’t just a video documenting the event. It’s an emotive capture of memories that tell the unique story of the couple and an heirloom piece to be enjoyed across generations.    

There’s a host of tricks and techniques that go into making raw footage into a dreamy wedding film. 

That’s where the need for a professional video editor comes into play. 

A professional video editor will piece together your raw footage shot with multiple cameras, like pearls in a string, to tell a coherent story. They will have the craftsmanship to set the tone of the story, pace it and create a rhythm, and pay the kind of attention to perfect the end-product that equates to practiced art. 

The pro editor will carefully knit to create an engaging story around the speeches and the vows, the letters read by bride and groom, the music and its lyrics – all in a way that’s guaranteed to be a fitting and fascinating memoir of their wedding for years to come. 

Simply put, a professional video editor will take your compilation of raw footage and turn it into a compelling, moving story that will evoke emotions and memories in the viewers. 

Why Outsource Your Post-Production?

Picture this: You’ve filmed a wedding and your client is waiting eagerly for a perfectly captured, soul-stirringly immersive life-long souvenir to arrive. At the same time, you have other wedding shoots lined up. 

So, how do you deliver a video that meets the expectations of one client, while you go out and win a few more?

Outsourcing your video editing not only rids you of the hassles of post-production technicalities but also allows you to scale your videography business to newer heights. 

When you hire a reputed video editing professional, you essentially free up your time to concentrate on filming, while you can rest assured that every video will be masterfully edited and ready to be delivered to your clients. 

Not convinced yet? Here are some indisputable benefits that wedding studios and videographers get to enjoy when they outsource their post-production work. 

  1. Advantage of a professional editing crew with premium tools

Outsourcing the video editing process to experienced professionals ensures that you get to choose the best talents in the business. You can check references for testimonials and experience of the team before collaborating to be sure of their work quality. 

Getting the video editing done by pros also means that you don’t have to spend anything on a premium video editing software, setting up an editing lab, or scouting to recruit trained people. 

Outsourcing substantially reduces your cost of production as there is no investment in terms of equipment and expert manpower. 


  1. Fresh perspective helps create a mesmerizing final content 

Just as authors find it difficult to edit their books most effectively, the same applies to videographers. As the creator of the video footage, you may feel each shot to be perfect or indispensable for the finished product. 

An outsourced video editing team lends a fresh pair of eyes and a completely unbiased viewpoint that can bring a dramatic difference to the end result. They see your work purely from a professional perspective that’s devoid of any emotional attachment that you might carry. Therefore, editing professionals will do a better job at creating cohesive content out of your raw footage.


  1. Allows you to focus on your core business

Video editing is a meticulous process and requires your undivided attention and time. As a busy videographer amidst a full-fledged wedding season, you are most likely to have your hands full with bookings for video shoots. 

By dividing your attention between shooting weddings and editing videos, you could be doing your business a disservice. Therefore, it makes sense to focus on what you do best, i.e., videography, and entrust the post-production with experts. This way, you will be able to scale your videography business without having to concentrate on the post-production process while maintaining the quality of the deliverables.


  1. Saves cost, time, and effort

This is, by far, the most compelling of all reasons. Outsourcing the post-production part of your business will save you an enormous amount of cost, time, and effort. 

Recruiting a team of editing professionals, setting up appropriate lab space for the editing work, arranging for advanced editing tools — all of these require an up-front investment. But, if you outsource the entire editing process to external experts, you save on making the immense initial cash layout and utilize your time and effort in more productive activities like promoting your business and shooting more videos. And, all these, while being consistent in delivering quality services to your clients.


  1. Faster turnarounds

Outsourced video editors, having experience in their craft, will have a much faster turnaround time in comparison to what you could do when you sit down to edit your work. 

Practically thinking, by outsourcing video editing to a post-production company, you can take advantage of their team of video editors who can handle multiple projects at a time, so you can get more work done in less time and deliver to your clients promptly. 

Lastly, outsourcing allows you to still remain in control of your work. You can get quality work done by outsourced professionals, on your terms, and as per your specifications. Of course, the outsourced service will come at a cost, but the benefits associated far outweigh the charges that you have to pay to a professional editor you’d rather hire.


Our team at Motion Edits has been handling the post-production process for wedding studios and videographers worldwide. Our expertise in video editing helps you deliver quality films to your clients while enabling you to reap all the benefits that we discussed above. 


To know how we can transform your wedding footages into tastefully edited heirloom films that your clients desire and deserve, get in touch with us today. 

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