Top 6 FAQs About Interview Video Editing Answered by Our Pros

Top 6 FAQs About Interview Video Editing Answered by Our Pros


There is a reason why interview videos have the spotlight. They offer a personal connection to the subject matter. It can be the story of a brand or a company, of the products and their creators, of a campaign, or even of an experience or life-changing testimonial. The powerful impact of interview videos comes from putting a face to the emotion and tension of the topic.

Brand interview videos need to be edited perfectly to click. Consumers should feel the authenticity, without an information overload. Also, the fresh perspective in the video should influence the consumers while retaining engagement to the maximum.

How can a brand interview video make sure this happens? Through the magic of video editing!

Looking for more clarity? In this blog, we answer the top questions about video post production that we get asked often.

Let’s dive in!


1. How are corporate interview videos different from any other corporate video?


Corporate interview videos introduce consumers to your company and the people behind it. It is inspiring, authentic, and effective to have the brand story straight from horse’s mouth!

They are conversation starters about personal journeys, and conceptualizing the company’s goals. You can even put in a sales pitch, and talk about the competition. In contrast to other corporate videos, our pros believe corporate interview videos are more productive and more fun too.


2.  What is your main goal while editing branded films?


Getting the audience’s attention. Our processes of arrangement and manipulation of video shots have one purpose—to keep it engaging, and to fit the need of the client as closely as possible. We make sure that shots with the best angle are matched with relevant audio content.


3. What is your interview video editing process?


Our video editing process follows what we call the “7-Second Hook Formula”. The audience is forever ready to scroll away, and your video has just seven, we repeat, 7 seconds to grab their attention. So, our energetic editing creates a video that the first 3 seconds itself:

  1. Interrupt and break the focus of the audience, then
  2. Introduce the topic, quick and bold,
  3. Engage through a persuasive call-to-action, and finally,
  4. Set expectations for the consumer



4. What video editing techniques do you use?


As a video editor, we evaluate each aspect of the interview footage. From client briefs to understanding the cadence of speakers, we adapt to the particular approach and attitude of every single project.

Once we are familiar, we create a storytelling flow with the simple formula: problem, solution, result. The video clearly edited to reflect these parts guides the audience through to the conclusion.

We understand the power of music and use it to our advantage. The use of audio should match the emotion of the clip, and the cutting style of the interview. It should nudge the audience to feel a certain way. This also includes cleaning up the audio to eliminate pauses, ‘ums and ahs’, and extra words to craft a polished speech.

B-rolls are artistically used. Icing on the cake is Motion Graphics that fits right into the video and animation is cyned with what the speaker is saying or explaining. We aim to highlight and not to distract.


5. Do I need to provide anything else apart from the footage to get a finished product?


We just need the complete raw footage, and you’re brief. We will provide everything else that your finished brand interview video requires. Besides, our expertise tries to complement what you have shot, to blossom into an appealing video.


6. Why should I choose Motion Edits for editing Brand Films?


At Motion Edits, we make sure that interview videos meet superior quality standards and bring amazing results. We know that focusing on storytelling and brand image will keep consumers coming back. We have developed a rich insight into editing interviews to tailor them for the clients.


We give your footage the mileage it deserves!


Over 85% of consumers would like to see more videos from brands. The demand for online video interviews and brand interview videos is at all-time high. Interview stories are powerful but they will lose their impact if they are ineffectively cut together.

According to our team of pros at Motion Edits, raw footage has the potential to go anywhere and be anything. The key is to organize and structure the story you want to tell, and polish it to convey exactly that with added style.

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