Tips to take your YouTube Videos to next level & How to Grow your Channel

Tips to take your YouTube Videos to next level & How to Grow your Channel


Every minute 500+ hours of video content is uploaded on YouTube. That’s 30,000 hours of video being uploaded every hour. Now, how do you ensure that the video you are uploading is set apart and is actually reaching the audience you are targeting? There are a lot of factors, if done right, play important roles to ensure that your video reaches the targeted audience and then that reflects directly in your views and subscriptions. 

Here are a few factors that everyone already knows they need to follow while building their YouTube channel:


Consistent Content: one of the primary reasons why youTube channels succumb is that creators enthusiastically start channels and upload their content almost daily for a short period of time but they start to lose steam in 3-6 months. Don’t make this mistake, plan your content at least three months in advance. It’s absolutely fine to upload one video per week, but be able to do it for 3 years than to upload video four times a week and not be able to sustain it for six months. 

Quality Content: Everyone wants to become Facebook, the social media industry literally started once Facebook came into existence. Not everyone gets a virgin territory where you are the first mover who will reap and enjoy all the benefits of it. However, you still need to make a difference to get noticed. It does not matter which industry you are going to produce content for but be sure that you are up to date with the industry and that should reflect in the videos you post on your channel. The value that your subscribers derive should be worth their time.

Engaging Content: It wouldn’t matter if you are producing content for tutorials, recipes, food, gaming, sports, music, or lectures. YouTube counts its views only once the viewer sees 30 seconds of the video you uploaded on the channel. Other than that, YouTube algorithms also keep records of how long users watch your videos, and accordingly it pushes your content on YouTube. So to ensure more and more users watch your video, you need to ensure that your video is watched till the end by all the users.


Here is where a lot of creators fail to understand the complexity of creating consistent, qualitative, and engaging content:


To consistently create engaging videos is not simple and needs a lot of commitment. You have to plan in detail, should have patience and vision of at least three years to give your channel a chance to get traction from subscribers. What you need here is a good video post-production company that can assist you in editing your YouTube videos.

Now, it’s easy to create content. Creators today can produce videos of anywhere between 2~10 hours just to upload 20 minutes of video on their channel. This is where a YouTube video editing company can make tonnes of difference. 

Any video post-production company that specializes in and offers YouTube video editing services is going to make your life easier. There goes a lot in getting your video ready for YouTube, which makes your content classy, sets it apart from others, and gives you a definitive edge over your competitors.


Here is a list of some of the intricacies of videos that a YouTube video editing company would know and can help take your video to next level:


  • Trimming footage and Shot Selection: To release a 20-minute video on YouTube, chances are you have shot about 120 minutes. A video editing company knows the tools and means to trim the footage and select the best shot that will go in the final 20 minutes of your video.
  • Editing: Editing is the art and craft of placing the footages in timeline/video in a way that delivers the message nicely and is also really engaging & ensures views see the video entirely
  • Color Grading: Color grading is a very important factor that sets the tone of your channel. You may have shot your raw footage at any time of the day or any time of the year, you may not have the best of the gears while recording – but everything comes our seamlessly when the final videos are graded properly
  • Audio Editing: This is one of those factors the less you notice the more effectively it’s worked on. SFX can make or break your videos. All the audio levels in the final video are matched and sound effects like wind, fire, swoosh, etc at special instances are placed to accentuate the scene
  • Motion Graphics: There are animated cosmetic touch-ups in the video that can be used to highlight a person or scene or location, but not limited to these. These motion graphics are called lower thirds, call outs or animated social media icons that pons in and out nicely to give a nice feel to the YouTube video
  • Stock Footage: You perhaps cannot generate all the footage for the topic you are making the youtube video for. And this is where a video editing company provides youtube video editing service can come in handy as they have access to stock footages that you may not be able to capture
  • Transitions and VFX: The final beauty and touch-ups are given by transitions and VFX. A video post-production company has a huge library of transitions and VFX that can really set your video apart
  • Volumes: One of the major reasons for engaging a YouTube video editing company is it can manage volumes and consistently deliver a single quality video for your channel. You can easily scale up your channel even if you want to release 10 videos per week. These post-production companies can take off all your burden allowing you to concentrate on your channel.

The summation of all of the points above is the primary reason why content creators should engage a company that offers YouTube video editing services. Apart from that such a company is already working and supporting other YouTube creators, so that’s an additional advantage of the experience that these companies can offer to you.

One such company that specializes and offers YouTube editing service is Motion Edits. They currently support 10+ channels in a variety of industries from food to healthcare and technology to agriculture. 

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