The Practical Perks of Outsourcing Your Real Estate Video Editing

The Practical Perks of Outsourcing Your Real Estate Video Editing


A Gallup survey revealed that 41% of Americans regard real estate as the best long-term investment choice. And with the onslaught of digital media, more than 90% of buyers search the internet for online promotional material before making a real estate purchase decision.

In a National Association of Realtors research, it was seen that 37% of respondents used online video sites to search property while 46% found virtual tours very useful. This trend is getting an added push due to the consumers’ increased reliance on everything digital following the pandemic, prompting realtors to embrace video marketing more than ever. 


Why real estate video marketing?


Real estate video marketing satisfies multiple research needs of home-buyers including dissemination of general information, understanding and comparing features with other realtors, a tour of the interiors, and client testimonials. 

As a video producer, you understand the importance of creating the perfect video that conveys all this information to the viewer and influences the buyer to make an informed decision. With the demand for professionally-made videos jumping higher in the real estate industry, the onus lies on you to craft videos that successfully attract potential buyers and provide your clients the ROI they are looking for. 

However, every video production professional worth their salt is aware that just shooting the video isn’t enough. The all-important editing of the raw footage is what ensures an end-result that has the desired effect on the viewers. It is at the editing table that the shots will be ultimately de-cluttered and arranged in sequence, storyline be built, and enhanced with motion graphics & effects to elevate a real estate video marketing project to the height that can convert casual property hunters into confirmed buyers. 

Why outsourcing your real estate video editing makes terrific sense? 


Here’s a vital question for you: Would you prefer to invest your company’s precious video shooting time into the laborious editing job? 

We’d like to believe you don’t. And, that’s because there are innumerable practical perks that you can derive from hiring video editing pros to do the job for you. Let’s talk about them. 


  1. The economics of outsourcing can be compelling  


Video editing requires specialized tools and software, not to mention years of expertise in handling them. 

As a professional videographer with experience in making real estate marketing videos, it is in your best interests to concentrate on the niche you specialize in and leave the time-consuming behind-the-scene editing job to editors who have built their skills over time with a lot of effort and energy. 

By getting the video edits outsourced, you get to save a major chunk of your finances that would have otherwise gone into procuring editing tools and building a skilled team. Plus, you get professionally edited videos, on time, to deliver to your clients. 


  1. Take advantage of hard-earned expertise


Video editing is not just snipping off irrelevant shots but also telling a story, color corrections, shot sequencing, sound design, and above all making a coherent piece out of a bulk of shots that tells a story effectively. 

The video is a marketing tool for your client and has to be top-notch in the communication that it sends across to its target audience. To avail this top-notch quality, you need expertise that has been accumulated over the years. 

Outsourcing the edits can get you the best versions of the footage you shoot painstakingly for the real estate video marketing project readily, without you having to lose your breath over it.


  1. You can enjoy flexibility in scaling operations


If you have an in-house video editing team, and for some reason, there isn’t enough work to keep them busy, then it is an unfortunate wastage of your resources. 

Whereas, outsourcing the video editing job not only gives you access to skilled manpower equipped with the latest tools of the trade but also allows you the flexibility of scaling operations as per your workload. 

Video editing companies that accept outsourced work have adequate resources in place to handle fluctuating amounts of editing jobs and have the bandwidth for delivering your projects on time, be it a quick client testimonial video or a bunch of guided tour videos.  


  1. Allows you to promise a faster turnaround time


As a busy videographer, you probably have shoots lined up for the next few months. Taking time out to edit the videos that you already shot and create one that meets your client brief is a humongous task. 

Instead, video marketing outsourcing will enable you to focus on your shoots while a team elsewhere toils away perfecting your shots at the editing table. 

A reputable video editing company like ours has every weapon in the arsenal to complete our projects in a seamless and timely manner. And because we have been serving as the editing partner of choice for many video producing companies over the years, we count it among our key skills to manage an efficient delivery pipeline. 


In other words, we can easily handle multiple projects and make sure each of them are executed to specification and to complete satisfaction of our clients. 



  1. It is overall a better business model


Outsourcing your real estate video marketing edits enables you to focus on your core specialization area: Shooting videos. 

Without the headache of having to edit each of your projects, your schedule will be free to accept as many clients as you can fit in, thus growing your business manifold. 

While you spend your time productively to shoot the best footage for your clients, you can have the peace of mind knowing that your video editing is being taken care of by a team of pros. It’s a win-win for you and your clients.

All these and more advantages are awaiting you at Motion Edits, your trusted editing partner for real estate video marketing. Get in touch with us to explore outsourcing to our professional and world-class editing team and discuss how we can help boost your real estate video production.


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