Video Film Editor

“Quality Film and Video Editors with Quick Turnaround”

Are you an independent filmmaker and want someone to work out those green screens in shots or have VFX added to a scene? Searching for a long term video editor to handle your full-time workload? Choose Motion Edits as your Potential partner, for all your post-production deadlines. We are a team of qualified film editors at your service. While you produce content, we work as your team member behind the camera to edit the best for you!

Every film is born twice, once when it’s shot, and another when it’s edited! Motion Edits is one of the best Film Editing Company. We have a team of skilled film editors to match your vision & turn your recorded footage into a finished video for broadcasting. We are committed to reach your video goals quickly, professionally, and to make the projects stand out for you and your customers.

Over the years, we have edited commercials, films, TV shows, web videos, music videos, trailers, and everything in between. While working on these projects, we have expertise in all facets of film post-production. Whether you are looking for a clean style video edited, minimalistic, sophisticated or a high vibe, rest assured we have you covered. Our team of specialist video film editors have worked across countries in the United States, Canada, Australia, NewZealand, UK, and Europe, editing videos and are accustomed to working with a variety of clients in a variety of styles.