Music Videos

“An amazing work of art makes or breaks your next album promotion.”

Imagine having your music video cut by an experienced editor. A well-edited video clip makes all the difference when it comes to going viral, connecting with your fans, and pleasing your record label.

At Motion Edits, we provide professional & quick video editing and post production for your music videos. Making it look great and catchy. We also serve to Lyric Video requirements. If you want to get creative visualisation of your music video, we’ll help you to create a story that visually represents your song.

Our Music Video editing services includes advanced visuals and sound effects, color grading, fancy transitions, gorgeous title effects, shake removal, cutting and adding music in the right timing, audio sync and much more! We can provide video files in AVI, MP4, MOV, WEBM and more, ready to be uploaded to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo or the web.