• You can upload your footage and share the link with us.
  • While you upload the raw footage make sure to create separate folders for:
    1. The cameras you have used
    2. Music
    3. Photos (if any)
    4. Any other assets (if any)
  • Instructions are very important as it drives how the final output will come out to be. Please share all the information about the project in detail.
  • Examples: Give the instructions as to how long you want the output to be. What is the point of the video? Would you want a part of the footage to emphasize on the final output? Would you want anything in Raw to sync with audio etc.
  • Music: Let us know your choice of music you want in the edit.
  • We’ll verify that all the RAW footage matches the instructions and that nothing is missed for us to get started.
  • Shot SelectionWe choose the most intense and cinematic shots for the footage given to us. Further, we also ensure that no shots have shaky frames, out of focus footage, out of place composition etc. Moreover, we take special care of the candid shots (depending on the project if they are required). Drone footage is selected and used to have maximum impact.
  • While selecting shots, we bifurcate the footage into:
    1. A Rolls – This has all the main footage that goes into the final timeline as main shots and forms the back bone of the edit
    2. B Rolls – These are the fillers that are used on top of A Roll
  • Creating Movie
    1. A timeline in which we put A Rolls and B Rolls together as required that makes sense in the final output
  • Music, VFX, Sound, Vocals
    1. Use music as per instructions. All the music we use are licensed and/or royalty free.
    2. VFX, sounds to make the edit as immersive as possible
    3. Sync Vocals (Audio) with the footage depending on the project and instruction
  • Video Effects and Transitions
    1. This highly depends on the instructions, client etc.
    2. Generally, Our DJ clients prefer to have nice video effects and smooth but effective and modern transitions.
    3. Whereas some of our clients who gets regular Podcasts edited favour minimal effects and transitions
    4. There are a lot of clients in between like vloggers, wedding videographers and cinematographers who would rather choose a nice edit and not so much on effects and transitions.
  • Color Correction & Color Grading
    1. Color Correction
      1. The first thing, in case of Multi Cameras, is to ensure that output from all the cameras look the same. First priority is to color correct the footage from one or more camera to match that of the other that already has a better/natural result.
      2. Overall we color correct the footage to make the exposure right, correct the levels of whites and blacks and most importantly to get the White Balance right.
      3. Ensure the skin tones are looking natural throughout the video.
      4. For footage that are shot in S Log needs the most attention as it’s a pretty flat color profile and needs to be color corrected properly.
    2. Color Grading
      1. Once all the footage is color corrected, the next stage is to color grade the footage to make it more cinematic and dramatic.
      2. We ensure the drone footage, sunset and sunrise shots are graded properly and effectively to make the best of those moments
      3. Because color grading sets the overall tone of the final video edit, a lot of times our client requests how they would want to set the mood of the film. A lot of times client wants cool blue tones, other times it can be tilt orange.
  • Export
    1. This by and large depends on which platform you would want to watch the edit on. Whatever is your choice of platform we will export accordingly and submit it in final delivery.
    2. Your export request can be, either to match best YouTube settings or Vimeo settings or Instagram settings. We’ve got your covered! Just let us know which platform you want to upload and we will deliver accordingly.
    3. We do get requests for video settings to upload on IGTV. A lot of times the video is horizontal and it’s required to tilt it clockwise or anti-clockwise to upload it on IGTV.
  • We’ll submit the first edit for review.
  • At this stage we can go through 2 rounds of revisions.
  • You can watch the edit and let us know if you would want to get changes done in the edit
  • If you do, best way to send in your revisions is to request what changes you need at what particular time stamp.
  • Based on your change request we will submit the second edit which you can review and we can again go through 1 final round of changes if there is such a need.
  • Based on the change requests and comments we’ll submit third and the final edit.
  • The final delivery is made once the edit is approved in the review stage.
  • Once the payment is made we close the project (and move on to the next one)