Reasons Why 2D Explainer Videos Are a Perfect Match for Tech Companies

Reasons Why 2D Explainer Videos Are a Perfect Match for Tech Companies


The evolution of technology over the last 10 years has been so massive that it is difficult to even fathom the scale that it will reach in a few more years. While this has brought immense benefits to the masses, it has also promoted a breakneck pace of change and transformation in the world of technology. The ripple effect of it has touched far and wide in the business landscape, but for companies at the center of this whirlwind evolution, the challenges are more pronounced than ever! 


To say that the competition is fierce for tech companies is an understatement. Every business in the sector, be it a startup or an established name, is fighting tooth and nail to capture the attention of its audience.


That’s exactly where 2D explainer videos come into play. These videos are hailed as the most effective weapon in the modern marketer’s arsenal to convey complex ideas in a simple, and easy-to-understand format. Result? More engaged prospects who are willing to convert. 



Where Can You Use Them?


Practically everywhere! Whether it is product development explanation, marketing, sales campaigns, pre-sale rejection handling, or post-sales support, there is nowhere that explainer videos would not do good. 


Who Can Use Them?


Both large and small tech companies can tap into the potential of this amazing tool. You do not require a fortune to have these produced and this is why they are ideal even for small business owners looking to reach out to the right target audience.


How Do They Benefit Tech Businesses?


There are countless ways where explainer videos are assisting tech companies already, and you can benefit immensely from them as well. The biggest benefit lies in their name – explainer videos are modern tools of product demonstration. 

For a rapidly evolving industry like technology, they provide the perfect platform that takes the most complex information and makes easy to understand models out of it that even a layman can understand.


Turn Dry Data In to Digestible Content  


It is easy for the audience to feel disinterested in statistics during presentations. Animated videos can quickly turn the odds in your favor by “storifying” large data patterns. These videos are fun to watch and keep viewers engaged even in the most boring data presentations, which leads to better audience participation.


You can make those dull-looking pie charts, histograms, and data sequences come alive in videos that captivate and motivate the audience, unlike anything you have ever seen!


Product Explainers to Boost Sales


Technology is not everyone’s cup of tea and usage of the software can be best conveyed through stories that prove their operational worth. This is where explainer videos jump in. A killer video that lays down the benefits of the product to business owners does not only reduce the need for extensive marketing but also boosts sales like never before.


Enhance Customer Experience with Support Videos


Replacing lengthy product manuals with animated customer support video content can simplify the process of customer support to a large extent. 2D animated explainers can deliver in-depth product usage guidance without being painfully tedious for the customer. 


For the seller company, it brings another positive side. By eliminating the need for manual explanations on how to use the software or app, it frees their employees for other important tasks. 


Solve User Queries With Animated Q&A Videos


Businesses that work with mobile applications and software are bombarded with questions regarding usage and errors they encounter. Short animated videos that answer the most frequently asked questions and solutions for the errors would save the customer’s time and your business customer care resources.


Benefit from a Higher Recall Value


2D explainer videos have a far more powerful effect than text files, pdf documents, physical or manuals because they reach the deep layers of one’s mind. 


Experts1 agree that the human unconscious mind is way mightier than the conscious mind we are more familiar with. A combination of audio-visual information reaches the unconscious quickly and has a higher probability of staying there longer than information that the mind gathers through texts or manuals that it finds ‘boring’. 


This is why the two-fold advantage of brand awareness and recall can be triggered better with 2D explainer videos. 


Gain a Wider Reach


Videos currently rank amongst the top marketing tools and the huge surge in the business of video-sharing platforms is not hidden from anyone. Estimates suggest that the number of videos being shared on the internet would surpass a whopping 1 million per second by the year 2022. Videos are already making over 80% of total internal traffic and would continue to lead the way for years to come. In short, animated videos appeal to a wider audience and extend the reach of your brand.  


They are versatile


Research shows that the inclusion of animated videos in your marketing strategy increases sales — the ultimate goal of any advertising or marketing campaign. 2D animated videos help you reach that goal in several ways. Consider these:


  • Customers prefer websites with videos to the ones without them.
  • Videos enjoy 3X higher response rates. 
  • Search engines favor pages with animated videos, which boosts their SEO rankings, leading to higher site visits and traffic. 
  • Videos also influence purchase decisions and generate positive post-sale experiences.


Clearly, animated explainer videos have an enormous effect on every stage of the customer life cycle. 


When it comes to marketing, sales, and support for technology companies, there is nothing like a 2D explainer video. However, like any other tool, the power lies in hands of the user. Due to massive competition in this space, every business tries to grab as much market share as possible. 


But given the increasing volume of tech video production, sub-standard tech explainer videos that don’t offer much value to the viewers won’t cut it. If you want your software or application to shine and sell with the help of explainer videos, high-quality production is the way to go.   


Choose a professional explainer video producer like Motion Edits and discover your path to success with tech explainer videos today! 


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