Reasons to Use Animated Explainers to Create Insanely Persuasive Sales Videos

Reasons to Use Animated Explainers to Create Insanely Persuasive Sales Videos


Your target audience is online, surfing through various social media platforms and looking for answers in search engines. What is the most engaging content to capture these potential consumers? 

Sales videos. The smartphone-dominated era has crowned it the king of revenue churners. Animation further makes it persuasive, compelling consumers to listen to a brand’s message and act on it.

Stats favor the video trend 

It is clear that effective digital marketing campaigns must include video. Especially, the pandemic years of 2020-2021 has increased video consumption so much so that 72% consumers prefer explainer videos for product or service knowledge now. In fact, a whopping 95% consumers do watch explainer videos to learn more.  

Any business or brand today, whether they are corporate houses, real estate agencies, educational institutes, or any other, cannot ignore the role of sales videos in attracting customers or driving purchases. Viewers are increasingly skipping through text compared to consuming videos. Add animation to the mix and scrolling stops to guarantee viewing. 

Animation as the potent magic formula

The appeal of animation is universal and reflects quite positively on your ROI. Animation makes content entertaining, and this increases the intent of purchase among consumers. 

Animated explainer videos can be quite influencing, simply because the message is retained better and longer. They give a solid leg-up to consumer engagement and increase conversion rates. 

In the realm of video marketing, the use of animated explainers can help create highly persuasive sales videos. Here are more reasons why.

  1. Animation grabs attention and emotion

Compelling visual imagery combined with all other things makes animated explainers more effective at attracting attention than regular live-action videos. Plus, the dynamic nature of animation makes it more attractive than just images or text alone. Consumers are more inclined to watch lovable characters introducing and promoting businesses. Explainer videos on social media brought new customers for 93% of brands. 

  1. Animation makes any concept easy to understand

Demonstrating real-life applications and the inner workings of products and services that are technical, complex, or abstract becomes easy with animation. It helps to paint a clear and full picture of any concept by making processes easier to visualize and understand. Animated explainers are a great match for any niche from healthcare to software, eCommerce, public service, and even infographics. 

  1. Drives brand recognition

Wherever sales videos have used animation, they have set a powerful brand image that became memorable in the consumer’s mind. The growing popularity of animated explainers in 2021 is a testament to the fact that more and more brands are using them to creatively promote their products and services. Over 70% of viewers have said that watching sales videos in YouTube made them aware of new brands.

  1. Animated characters are cost-effective and popular

A live-action production including actors is quite costly. There are also complications of extended time and extensive arrangements required. The increased consumption and popularity of videos also revolve around fast and easy consumption of info. This is why animated video is the new favorite across industries. They allow info to be presented in a bite-sized format, which is readily digestible by the audience. As a result, the effective return of animated explainer videos far outweighs the investment that goes in creating them.

  1. Animated explainers work better for sensitive subjects

When it comes to provocative or sensitive subjects, animation eases the awkwardness and possibility of polarization among viewers. It is easier for viewers to identify and associate their problems with animated characters making them more likely to answer the call-to-action. This is a big reason why sales videos are more persuasive than animated explainers. 

Any reputed animation studio will tell you all the reasons above can be translated into profitable numbers. Here at Motion Edits, we insist on certain best practices for stellar results.

  • An animated explainer video on the landing page increases conversion.
  • Ideally, the duration should not exceed the 2-minute mark.
  • The hook of the video must be delivered within the first 6 seconds.
  • Videos should be optimized for all social media platforms for maximum exposure.

More consumers are looking for entertaining concepts in product demos, software tutorials, etc. so the animation can be sure way of winning them over. Animated explainers can pack more information and punch in a 1-minute sales video than your complete sales copy. There’s a reason why even Google shows videos as the first search results. It proves that sales videos work.

Let an animated hero bring you profits

The video marketing industry is clocking a net worth of more than a hundred billion dollars in the US alone. The demand and performance of animated explainers is so strong that no brand can go wrong with it. It’s not too late to add one to your marketing strategy.

At Motion Edits, we are a market-leading creator of animated explainer videos of all kinds. Be it screencast explainers, explainer videos with character animation or whiteboard animation explainers, we do it all in a way that fits your goal and narrative.

As experts in the explainer video industry with dedicated and fixed turnaround times, we can provide the right persuasive edge to your sales videos. Ask for the Motion Edits expertise today!

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