Professional YouTube Video Editing

Professional YouTube Video Editing


“YouTube editors that match up your style, budget, and timeline to gain subscribers”

Are you looking towards Professional Vlogs and YouTube video editing services? We understand the frustration of finding a YouTube Video editor who is honest, fair priced, and is willing to work with deadlines. At Motion Edits, we offer a simple video editing process that cuts down the time and hassle which in turn can help you focus on publishing quality content.

Communicate with your audience through fun, engaging and dynamic videos edited by Motion Edits. We specialize in YouTube post production and editing to create stunning YouTube videos. We work with businesses of all sizes and industries; whether you want to engage, explain, educate or entertain. Our experienced post production YouTube team will flawlessly blend scenes, sounds, and pictures in a way that they’ll make your viewers feel emotionally connected.

The problem is not getting someone to do edit your YouTube channel videos; the real problem is finding the best YouTube editing company that makes your life easy and post process creative videos for your YouTube channel. At Motion Edits, our team of specialized YouTube editors bring in creative vibes in their editing style and make a difference in each project.

Motion Edits provides the best YouTube editing services suitable for YouTube content creators, those growing their YouTube channel, who’d like to increase their watch hours and subscribers. The deal is easy. While you focus on content, our top quality team of experienced YouTube editors shall edit your clips into polished products.

Your VISION combined with our professional skills is going to make your day. We are here to help you even when you are not sure what style of YouTube edit you need.

Motion Edits – Content Editing Specialist for YouTube Platform

We specialize in editing a wider variety of content from music/Lyric videos to makeup tutorials or fashion tips. We can edit cooking videos, education training videos as well as travel or regular Vlogs. Further, we edit basic green screen and can make intro or promotion Content. If you would like retro effects such as VHS we are happy to offer you these services too.
We provide pro video editing services for your Vlog/travel videos, tech videos, montages, game play, and advertisements. Connect to us for Social Media Video Editing for Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram videos. This includes Vlogs, montages, gameplay, advertisements, music videos, and more. We adhere to any kind of custom video editing as per your particular requirements.

How to begin?

Just send us your recorded footage, tell us more about your channel and we shall edit it in your style, the way you visualize it in your mind.
Feel free to tell us everything you want to have in your video and we shall put our experience to create the perfect YouTube video for you!

Why should you hire Motion Edits?

  • You want to get your YouTube viewer hours and subscribers up.
  • You don’t have time to edit yourself/it’s not a good use of your time.
  • You need extra fast delivery. Looking for a permanent editing hand for your YouTube channel or IGTV, Instagram videos.
  • You need a YouTube editor that can edit in your style and follow your instructions meticulously.
  • You need fast, creative YouTube Video Editing at fair pricing and good service.
  • You are looking to partner with a trusted YouTube editing company. We have a dedicated team of best YouTube editors and editing stations with the best infrastructure and speedy internet. Motion Edits can handle editing projects simultaneously.

Video Editing Services includes:

  1. Jump Cuts – To cut the extra video frames effectively enough so that the viewer doesn’t get bored.
  2. Smooth Transitions – To go from one scene to the second scene there will be smooth transitions so that shot will look smooth without any hard cuts.
  3. Motion Graphics and VFX – To provide video the look according to the concept. Add digital assets such as dynamic graphs, city or state maps, track a particular object, we have it all covered.
  4. Color Correction and Color Grading – To provide video the look according to the environment.
  5. Normal Cuts – Cut the parts out which are not related or important such as, breathing, or coughing.
  6. Audio Cleaning – Increasing/Decreasing Volume and Cleaning Audio by removing Background Noises.
  7. SFX – We have an amazing sound library that will make your videos come alive.
  8. Adding Texts and Titles -To add texts and titles with nice motion graphics.
  9. Stock Footage – We can add stock footage for your vlogs as well, if required.

What’s extra?

  • Best edited videos as needed full of motion graphics and epic visualization.
  • Any kind of intro’s and outro’s needed.
  • Topic with lists or steps or headings, lower third or a block quote.
Beginners Guide to Outsource YouTube Editing
  • What kind of content do I need to provide for my video?
    Video clips, raw footage, Pictures and graphics, screenshots, Presentation Slides, Company/ Brand logos, scripts, etc. can be provided when creating a video. We can also create a video from scratch, by using our stock footage, assets and gallery.
  • I need something that is not mentioned in your video post-production services?
    Great, we love new ideas! Just reach out and let´s discuss how we can work together.
  • What type of video editing work or post-production can you do?
    Our expertise includes editing with Multi Camera, Color Correction, Grading, Animated Text, Motion Graphics, Green Screen, among many others with the use of Adobe Premiere, After Effects, and Photoshop.
  • Do you provide music as well?
    Yes, we provided royalty free licensed music for your commercial use.
  • I have no videos, no files, nothing —can you create the video from scratch?
    Yes. We can provide stock footage from our database and subscription services. We still need a Script or Audio file to get started.
  • I have a bulk project, are you able to work on a monthly basis?
    Yes. Please reach out to discuss your timeline and we would be happy to be your editing vendor.
  • I need subtitles on my video
    Sure! Share the script and we will create the SRT file and add it in the video.
  • What type of motion graphics do you provide?
    Your video will have basic animated titles and text, ideal for lower thirds or social media graphics. For more complex animations we upgrade you from basic services to advanced package.
  • I use a specific font for my branding, can I use this in my video?
    Yes, absolutely! Just send us the .ttf file by uploading it at the time of ordering.
  • Which software do you use for YouTube Video Editing
    We do Video Editing with Adobe Premiere combined with After Effects as needed.
  • What type of YouTube Videos do you specialize in?
    Motion Edits is one of the top professional film and TV video editing company creating quality and stylish videos through a combination of editing, VFX, sound and amazing color grading. We can assist you with several kinds of YouTube content editing including How to videos, Educational courses, Product Reviews, News and politics, Geographic, Life hacks, Crafts, Kids, Comedy, Gaming, Cooking, Tech, Music, Entertainment, Lifestyle Videos, Sizzle Reels, Movies and Book Trailers, Video Series, TV Shows, and Short Films.
  • What does your YouTube Video editing service capability include?
    Services that you can avail include Text Subtitles, Captions, Watermark and logo animation, Slo-mo, Cool transitions, Image stabilization, Grain removal, Sound effects, Background music, Full HD quality, Special effects, Template Editing, Full HD Stock Footage and Stock B-Roll, Chroma Key, Split, Cut out a scene, Join two or more clips, Elongate at a certain portion, Slow Motion, Fast Motion, Zoom In / Zoom Out at required points, Highlight or Blur wherever necessary, add creative Transition Effects, Spotlight / Highlight, Increase / Decrease Opacity / Transparency, Resize Video Dimensions, Position / Rotate / Move on Axis and Motion Tracking.
  • What does your Audio Editing Services include?
    Audio Editing services include Noise Removal, Audio Enhancement, and Volume Up / Down, Add Voice-Over, Cut or Join Different Audio Sections, Audio Sync, Royalty Free Background Music, Lessen Audio Noise, Fade In and out audio music.

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