Post-Production: The Secret Sauce of Creating Successful Brand Videos

Post-Production: The Secret Sauce of Creating Successful Brand Videos


The rise of YouTube and social media has thrust B2B video marketing in the spotlight. One of the video marketing strategies that promises to create a strong connect between the brand and its audience is corporate video.

You cannot doubt the value of a corporate interview video. Its strength lies in how succinctly it presents a company in all its glory and the undeniable social proof value it provides.

Post-production, therefore, is a crucial aspect that ultimately makes a video command the audience attention and come off as inspiring.

The prep time and pre-production

Filmmakers, corporate videographers, and video production companies—they all have their corporate video production strategies to create simple and effective interviews.

They spend hours filming the employees answering key questions, the company floors, the operations, processes, etc. all towards capturing a genuine conversation that the audience believes and connects with.

If these guys had their one wish granted, everything would be filmed in one take! Now, the mighty wizards might have missed that but there’s still magic waiting to happen. Cue: post-production.

The post-production cooking up a storm

A post-production company with its team of professional editors enters the scene after the shooting is done. Post-production by experts will expertly clean up and trim all the raw footage until you have a final product made up of only the best clips, ready to wow the audience, as well as, the clients.

Every video producer has a certain vision of their work that they have story boarded along with the client. The challenge here is to come up with a 2-4 minute film that has in interview based storyline. Then we can add all kind of effects, motion art, animation and sound design to take the film to the next level.

Reputed video editing companies such as Motion Edits have a dedicated team of specialized video editors and motion artists who excel in the software and the art of editing to give you edits that touches your audience’s heart.

The recipe for creating successful brand interview videos

The summary of successful post-production lies in being able to effectively condense hours of footage in a way that’s impactful as well as representative of what’s unique about every client.

The expertise of video editing services is in achieving this within the specified duration — usually 2-3 minutes — of a perfect narrative that pushes the goals and agenda of the company.

How exactly does this happen?

Highlighting the key aspects of a client in a way that engages the audience requires skill and talent. Connecting the consumer with a business on an emotional level requires tailoring that a specific segment or a targeted audience base is reached seamlessly.

The video should be crafted to appeal to the client’s audience; it should showcase the client as the only viable answer to a specific concern. And, all this must be done uniquely, making sure the engaging aspect of it doesn’t drop.


Ideally, the video should step-wise:


  • Hook the audience within the first six seconds. Attention spans are shorter in these days of infinite scrolling so expertly editing a video hook that convinces the audience to keep watching. An intriguing question, a promise, a pain point, anything that command attention.
  • Introduce the client. This part let’s the audience know who is addressing them and willing to make the promise.
  • Explain the driving force of the client. This is the part where client’s reason for offering a service or product, or starting the brand reaches the audience and establishes an instant connect with them.
  • Showcase the clients’ offers. It simply clarifies what the clients does and what its products or services. The video can be streamlined to spotlight on a specific service as well.
  • Highlight the client’s uniqueness. This is where the video should separate the competition and bring out the things that make the client a pioneer in their field.
  • Finally, make the call-to-action. The video then identifies the audience as the best suited recipient of said product or service. It reveals all the benefits and expectations that come with the next step and invites them to clinch the deal on offer.

However, there’s no set template to follow but general rules that should be personalized for each video.

A comprehensive interview editing matches the exact style, tone, and brand in order to best represent the finished product. An experienced video editing service does that along with:

  • Strict adherence to quality standards and industry best practices
  • Infrastructure that is scalable and has consistent turnaround times
  • Skilled talent conversant with latest technologies and editing workflows
  • Highly competitive rates providing the quality work within all kinds of budget

The success (and death) of a corporate interview video relies on what it can achieve in Post, hence a great deal of emphasis should be on choosing the right editing partner.

Partner with the best

Brand video editing process is one tough decision after another. Which clip segment conveyed the brand message authentically? Which background audio establishes the mood—whether it’s light and uplifting or deep and powerful? Which locations had the best look and also complements the interview? Which clips should get the cut?

All these decisions are daunting and yet the markers of a successfully produced video. This is why only the expert touch of a professional video editing agency can create a truly successful corporate interview video.

At Motion Edits, we are reputed for our video editing chops and utter love for collaboration. We work closely with videographers, directors, etc. to create something truly unique out of their work.

Ready to hand over your hard work to a professional video editing agency? Talk to us to know how we can put your ideas in motion.

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