Our Work


Each video editing project is unique. We do more than just cutting and setting the footage. Our focus is to ensure an emotional connect to each viewer. Apart from our editing software, the tools we use is our attention to details, adopting your style, and creating the output as per your vision and expectations. Over the years, Motion Edits has achieved expertise in working for video projects across industries, products, corporates and organizations. We also serve video studios and video production houses.

Our approach to every video editing project is exclusive and special. We have worked worldwide serving film makers and cinematographers in United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Europe and New Zealand. We provide world class customer service and are available on calls, skype, text and emails at your working hours, with quick response rate to adhere to all your requirements.

The most exciting part for us, out of the entire video editing process is your feedback on the edited video output. We are highly concerned as far as the video output is concerned and endeavour to match your expectations. Your comments and pointers are taken seriously and also noted in our cheat sheets, to ensure following them for the rest of the assignments.