How Video Editing Takes Stats Videos from Dull to Dazzling

How Video Editing Takes Stats Videos from Dull to Dazzling


Do you get tons of requests to add statistics to your productions? Do you find it excruciatingly painful to make boring numbers match the rest of the video production in oomph and appeal? You are not alone in feeling this way. Countless videographers and videography companies have similar complaints about how stats videos dull down killer presentations they create.

But it is undeniable that numbers are a compelling inclusion in marketing videos, sales pitches, and corporate presentations alike. The support of numbers helps the claim your clients make look and feel credible, thus fulfilling the purpose of the entire production and subsequent video marketing process.

A lot of times the scope of the project is such that clients insist to include stats in the production you create for them. And this brings us to the question: what are stats videos or Infographic videos, and why are these indispensable?

What are stats videos?

A superior data visualization technique to grab the attention of clients, stats videos condense large volumes of data and present them with a combination of sound, animated text, and graphics to tell a compelling story.

Companies have forever depended upon stats and figures to impress upon the consumers about the effectiveness of the services or products they offer. However, simply stated stats in a presentation look bland and do not garner the intended impact on the consumer. On the contrary, our brains process moving visuals better than still, lifeless figures.

Stats videos make a difference in consumer behavior by lucidly presenting crucial data like the student base of a virtual learning platform, the reactions of participants in lecture courses, industry-specific info in corporate presentations, or cost savings and productivity gains in sales pitches. Simply put, stats videos make virtual selling a breeze.

When it comes to presenting jargon-heavy industry-specific information, stats or infographic videos do a wondrous job of communicating in a visually attractive way. Statistics renders credibility to your client’s proposition, and your videos make these statistics easily understandable through animated graphics.

Certainly, infographic videos add zing and pep to your composite video productions.

How Video Editing Can Add Life to Your Stats Videos

With stats videos, you can make sure that the end audience deciphers the data presented. But how do you make them engage with the information such that they get motivated to act? Here are some pro editing tips curated by the experts at Motion Edits to help you create dazzling stats videos.

An engaging narrative

infographic videos combine stating the numbers with an element of storytelling. Your end audience will react to the video you create if they can relate to the information you communicate. Hence specify a problem in the context of the figures you are presenting to make them more relatable. One way of doing this is by including the footage of an individual speaking into the camera to highlight the key points of the data presented on screen.

Tell your story with an apt rhythm

A background score ensures that the video narrative appeals to the senses of the end audience to elicit an emotional response. Voice-overs can help accentuate the message you are trying to send across.

Animate to entertain and engage

Animation makes the numbers, text and graphics in your stats video stand out. You can add well-thought-out visual effects to make the infographic captivating. Using motion graphics makes dreary reports engrossing. Embed maps with hover text or illustrate changes in data with dynamic charts. With the correct dosage of animated icons and other graphics in your stats video, you can ensure successful communication of the central idea of the presentation to evoke the desired response from the end audience.

Cinematic quality finish

Videos with a high-quality cinematic finish have a higher chance of driving home the intended point. Well-made infographic video makes your end audience relate to the story you weave and retain the data you present. It calls for careful layering of images and texts, boosted with sound effects, and even, animation to create an engaging presentation that does not allow the viewer to stop the video midway. Your stats video is successful only if the viewers deeply think about it and take the action your client planned for.

Wrapping It Up

Adding professional-grade editing to statistical and infographic videos is a time-consuming and resource-intensive task. It demands your expertise in maintaining thematic consistency while aligning it with the client’s brand perception, besides making the content crisp and engaging. That’s why it makes sense to engage a team whose core competency lies is video editing. And this is where Motion Edits steps in to add the glam factor to your videos with meticulous post-production skills. From giving shape to simple stats videos to weaving a compelling narrative around a complex set of numbers or facts, we can do it all.

Contact us today to discuss how we can make your stat videos pop, while you concentrate on producing more videos for your clients.

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