How to Use Animated Social Media Ads in Your Marketing

How to Use Animated Social Media Ads in Your Marketing


In the United States, social media informs purchase decisions in a major way since almost 72% of Americans are using one or the other platform. Increasingly, brands and products are being discovered and researched through ads on social media before buying them. The world over, 43% of users are doing this.
It’s a no-brainer, therefore, that your marketing strategy for social media ads has to be engaging. They need to cut through the competition and dominate the screen of these users. Ever thought of animated social media videos? Considering 50% of the 16-24 age group are researching products in their social network feed, an animated social media ad might just be the hook!

How Animation Can Spice Up Social Media Marketing


Remember, the viewer isn’t looking at the information, they are scanning it at best so you have to make them look. Animation is an ingenious visual technique that includes many possibilities like hand-drawn animations, Claymation, CGI, and motion graphics. If executed correctly, they never fail to be engaging.
An animated post looks alive and fun because it is focused on the ‘telling it interestingly’ part. Ever wondered why Google Doodles are near impossible to not click at?

Animation makes concepts simpler

And we are better at grasping visual information. Make your ideas easily relatable by making them talk, fly, or just about do anything via animation. If you show me how to catch fish and then tell me about the technique, guess which way will stick with me better?

The animation is quite a nostalgia churner

It invariably makes us remember our childhood, the good times of simple stories. It is a powerful emotion that boosts the engagement factor with animated videos. A well-thought-out and distinctive animation graphic sticks in the memory, something that can work wonders for brand image recognition.

Life isn’t a bed of roses, and social media is our favorite distraction. Why not play to the fun side by animating your social media ads? Animation spices up social media marketing because it’s creative and entertaining. It’s fun to interact with animated ads and psychologically relaxing too.
The animation is the much-needed spice in your content plan.

Why Animated Video is the Best Strategy for Your Social Media

Social media trends have shown that videos have 5 times more interactions than images or posts. However, a key to this engagement magic also lies in the right video length. Shorter videos are more effective and needless to say, you got to make them crisp!

Animated social media video ads can work for just about any business or product. Whatever your need for the moment—explainer videos, infographics, release announcements—it can be your best strategy.

A very big advantage of animated video ads is that they are quite cost-effective. They require substantially less investment to produce than a live video. Add to that, managing actors, production crew, location, shooting equipment, etc. and you end up saving not only time and money but also a considerable amount of effort.

As a medium, animation and related motion graphics can be your best social media strategy that can combine audio, video, infographics, text, and graphics together. The result is an impressive piece of content that will uniquely showcase your brand.

In the first quarter of 2020, social media users were spending up to 2.22 hours per day on social media platforms and connected apps. The lockdown that followed only increased this social media consumption. Guess, what users are interacting with the most?

How to Use Them

Your business or product can always use the power of animation. Even if people know your story, motion graphics can tell it in a novel way that is both entertaining and funny.
There are many possibilities in animation, many combinations too, such as CGI with live-action or just a simple 2D delivery for complex infographics. Social media animations can be customized to be the right fit for your footage and for your brand image. There are plenty of tailormade visualization options in terms of color, text, patterns, and background images.

The rule, however, is simple. Don’t dump too many effects on the video, keep it clean and focused. Therefore, animators need to have the perfect blend of skill, creativity, and experience to keep the message intact yet deliver a bold impact.

In particular, motion graphics can be used to liven up boring graphs, presentations, or just play up the logo design. It brightens up abstract objects, shapes, and text and infuses life into static graphic elements. These effects, when coupled with clever copy and voice-over, can significantly boost the engagement factor of a social media ad campaign.

Use animation to turn still images into video ads. Add animated texts to announcements and releases. There are many approaches you can take with animated ads. With 3.6 billion people on the globe logged on to social media platforms, there’s a huge market to tap, and animated ads make it easy to create the kind of video content that people will love.

The next motion…

Is graphic! It is sound business sense to take your animated ad idea to the next stage. Let Motion Edits graphic services partner you. We are experienced across industries and have the ability to take your social media ads to the next animated level. After all, a lot rides on video ads since they can make or break a social media campaign.

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