How Post-Production Gives Your Brand Films a Winning Edge

How Post-Production Gives Your Brand Films a Winning Edge


You have to be driven and deeply passionate about your goals to sustain yourself in a competitive world. In more recent times, companies are getting into a tighter race to prove their worth. Their creative juices are flowing ever more spontaneously to position their brands optimally and strategically for maximum audience and visibility in a crowded marketplace.

Brand films are short factual or documentary videos that companies use worldwide today as a potent marketing tool to connect their audience at deeper levels with their core values and objectives. However, everything comes to naught when the final presentation is indecorously executed. Here is where an immaculately done post-production work can work its magic!

In this blog, we explain the importance of post-production, and how brilliantly done finishing work can lend mileage to your brand films, and have a massive impact on your branding for years on end.


What Are Brand Films?

Your brand is the grand total of your beliefs, values, inspirations, and dreams that make you unique and stand out in a crowd. It is imperative to be effectively communicative to pump up leads and generate high conversion rates at the beginning of your campaigning journey for maximum sales and ROI. This further scales up your business in record time. As we look at the value that brands create as an entity, it is important to get the marketing tone and format dead-on!

Brand films are powerful messaging tools, a smart content marketing strategy, which companies are employing extensively to impress and showcase their brands to their consumers.  These short, engaging videos use the active story-telling method that help brands connect with their audience, reinforcing their messages, and persuading them to take an action in the end.

Brand films are more than a promotional content; they blend art and technology to present brand products, values, systems and service aesthetically to the consumers and drive sales.


What Is Video Post-Production?

You finish shooting the film, which means the end of the production phase. However, the critical part of marketing is the post-production phase which defines how well your brand film is edited, compiled, and packaged in its final stages before it is released for public consumption. Post-production is that final slice of flavor added to make your content more digestible and involves processes like motion-picture editing, sound editing, sound mixing, visual effects, color correction and grading, eye-grabbing graphics, titles, and credits. A post-production team will then gather, coordinate, and balance these aspects for the final piece.

Compare this with garnishing your food with attractive herbs to make it more gastronomically appealing and consumable. The size of the project and budgetary concerns determine how long it takes to complete the post-production phase.

Post-production is a complex, time-taking, and expensive process of filmmaking that requires the collaborative effort and involvement of a team of professionals like editors, artists, sound designers, colorists and directors & cinematorgraphers. They work in tandem to give the best pitch. Post-production demands painstaking labor from each of these specialists as they collectively apply their skills to create videos that win viewer’s heart.


What Is The Importance Of Post-Production In Brand Film Making?

If the final touches are not up to the mark, it will completely ruin all your efforts at film production and eventually mar your brand image. Post-production is all about rearranging the raw footage, assembling, and fitting distinct parts seamlessly together to create the final product with amazing results. Film technicians today are leveraging state-of-the-art techniques and software to maximize end results.

When the following elements of post-production are executed with finesse, your brand film gets the mileage you intended to.


Editing refers to cutting out irrelevant portions of the footage, retaining the crucial ones, and integrating shots and sequences organically to fit into the fabric of the story. Editors apply their attention to detail in working with the storyline, music, actor performances, images, and dialogues. They rewrite portions of a script if needed, and discard those that do not serve the brand’s purpose. Good editing helps to make a point and drive a sharp message to the end-users. It takes several weeks to even months to come up with the final draft that is in sync with the original vision.

Visual Effects

Modern-day technology makes a film experience watch-worthy. You can take your film’s visual appeal to another level by spicing up visual effects. The audience expects novelty, creativity, and everything in between. Artists and designers employ computer-generated imagery to create a larger-than-life effect in the minds of the audience and to hold them in awe for the longest time.

Sound Mixing  

Sound Designers work with sound effects, dubbing, mixing, and recording. The original sounds are collected and organized for careful editing. Noise is eliminated, while dialogues are synchronized, layered, and mixed with background score to create the final soundtrack.  Sound and music are essential variables to any brand film. Good sound quality can carry the film to the next level.

Color Grading

Colorists work with hues and lights to correct color scheme, contrast, saturation, and detailing to impart the perfect pitch, sharpness, and resolution of the picture. These elements combine to enhance the picture quality and film-viewing experience.

Titles, Credits, Graphics

These variables set the theme and tone of the brand film to create a lasting first impression on the audience.


Looking for Give Your Post-Production a Winning Edge?

If you have produced your brand film but are looking for experts to work on post-production to enhance your film’s marketability, your search stops here.

At Motion Edits, we are a team of specialist editors, animators, artists, sound and technical experts who come together to transform your raw footages and films into videos that impress.

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