How Outsourcing Wedding Video Editing can be the best studio decision for you?

How Outsourcing Wedding Video Editing can be the best studio decision for you?


Video Editing is one of the most time consuming post production task for a wedding videographer. No doubt, you might have a fantastic team of video shooters, to produce high quality cinematic shots and you would be equally having expertise to edit the best video output; but the question is: Is it worth spending your precious time in editing the videos? Outsourcing wedding video editing, can save your hours to focus on your core creativity as well as spend quality time for your personal commitments.

Hiring remote video editors can be a boon, as faster turnarounds can in turn fetch you delighted customers. Oh not to forget, you can keep up with the fast pace of social media! There is more to go than just these gains. You can schedule weekly or monthly video editing deliveries for all your small and big projects including weddings, engagements, speeches ceremony and highlights. All you need to do is just upload the raw footage, and share the link to the remote video editor; and there you go! Do not forget to add due dates or schedule a weekly round of delivery! If you have any special instructions that need to be added, you can specify that or the video editor can adapt to your style and expectations and provide you with quick delivery. You can also share your logo, watermark etc. to be added in the video as part of your branding. Further, a round of revision with your feedback and then one or few rounds of revision with your client feedback, and you are sorted.

You can maintain utmost confidentiality when it comes to wedding video post processing. By signing a privacy agreement, the video editing company or freelancer video editor, whichever you choose is bound by law to not to share your video editing projects on social media or online for its own marketing, without your consent. Moreover, the video cannot be further reproduced for their personal use. This safeguards the interest of you and your client.

One of the success ingredient to make virtual video editing work is to add notes for every video editing project. Video editors with fluency in English would catch up quick, thus saving your communication hours. Just a couple of pointers and it’s easy for remote video editors to understand your point. This will also in turn lead to lesser rounds of revision and aid you with faster delivery. If you want to further make your video editing cycle faster, you may ask your end customers choice of music! We have observed that one of the most common feedback received by end client is change of song request. This is so because, each client is unique and have different choices.

The good news is you can also outsource your video editing projects if you are on a tight budget! At Motion Edits, one of the best video editing companies worldwide, we believe each project needs an individual approach. We are committed to produce wedding films, wedding highlights and wedding trailers that are powerful enough to convey emotions!

A wedding video or a video from your honeymoon, is always a whole story that needs to be shown correctly to evoke good emotions, pleasant experiences and memories. The trailer should intrigue and immerse the viewer in the atmosphere of what is happening. That is the principles that we manage in our work! Our team of video editing specialists expertise with editing – 8k, 4k videos, drone videos – promo videos, trailers, slideshows – wedding videos (full film, highlight film and short clip) – color correction – motion graphics – captions, titles. We have trained our team of video editors with creativity, optimism, commitment to due dates along with ensuring qualitative video editing output.

Regardless of what style you’re looking for, we can make your videos look better than you ever imagined. Our team of creative video editors, is committed to work absolute hardest, to give you a result you can truly be proud of. We can’t wait to get started working on your next masterpiece! Contact Us for a demo today!

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