How Explainer Videos Can Help Your Business in the Age of COVID-19

How Explainer Videos Can Help Your Business in the Age of COVID-19


Covid-19 has changed our lives at breakneck speed, and marketers are feeling it. Priorities have changed, and marketing strategies should reflect that. Businesses have transitioned online to showcase products and services. The focus is on using content to create powerful online connections. And what better tool than video marketing to connect with customers during this time of forced isolation? Explainer videos are one of the most potent videos marketing resources today to help your audience understand your story.   

The pandemic has overwhelmingly increased the number of online videos people watch every day. Studies show that 72% of consumers prefer learning about products or services through videos. A HubSpot report suggests 94% of consumers report watching explainer videos to learn more about a product. Unsurprisingly, videos will continue to drive marketing practices to communicate brands even after we’ve conquered the pandemic. 

Some more numbers:

  • Cisco’s visual networking index reports that by 2022, 82% of all consumer online traffic will come from online videos.
  • According to HubSpot, Video has become the most commonly used form of content marketing, surpassing blogs and infographics
  • HubSpot further points out that Product videos increase purchases up to 144%.
  • Explainer videos have become hugely successful in 2020. So much so, that a staggering 84% of consumers report being induced by explainer videos to make purchases.  

What is an Explainer Video?

An explainer video is a short animated video used to illustrate complex ideas in simple, attractive, and impactful ways. They are one of the most effective content marketing tools that most organizations prefer to get their message across during these difficult times. 

Animated Explainer videos aim to present products, services, or apps in a way that resonates with the needs of the target audience and introduce your solution as truly useful to them in these times of crisis. Striking explainer videos can help generate leads, reduce bounce rates, increase brand awareness, and conversion rates. These videos are becoming increasingly popular owing to their affordability and proven efficacy in business growth.

Why Explainer Videos?

Videos are a key priority of marketers and made for the vast majority of online traffic even before the pandemic. And now, that most people are staying isolated, fun and animated videos are just the way to forge a human connection and do business. This makes brand videos the perfect device to reach audiences.

Explainer videos come in a complete package – combining moving text, animations, graphics, still images, and any other communications format you choose to describe your business. These are a must on your website’s landing page, home page or prominent product pages – to grab audience attention. Only 20% of website visitors read text documents, 80% prefer to watch videos on a website. 

Due to the current social distancing protocols followed in every industry, shooting live-action videos has become quite challenging. Professional explainer videos, on the other hand, can be created start-to-finish inside the studio. This is one of the reasons why explainer animated videos have gained massive popularity among brands during the pandemic. 

With a high potential to go viral, animated explainer videos have proven to be the best vehicle for organizations to communicate key messages to people. An excellent example is the now-viral Stanford Medicine’s animated explainer video on COVID-19 prevention. 

These short, colorful videos easily grab your audience’s attention and create an instant connection as they feel you are responding to their needs and worries during trying times. At the same time, you can communicate your brand message and provide useful information that will help people decide whether they can benefit from your brand. 

More Reasons to Create Explainer Videos for Your Business

Using an explainer video is an excellent way to kick-start your marketing strategy and to make lasting connections with potential consumers. Here are some compelling reasons why you need explainer videos for your business.

The power of video.

Animated video is among the most popular forms of content that cut through the clutter and communicate with your audience while also engaging them. People love watching branded videos and are more likely to make business actions after watching them. 

Effectively communicate the brand message.

Explainer videos use storytelling that gives customers the lowdown in an easily understandable way.

Grab the audience’s attention.

Videos (a combination of visual and verbal cues) are the perfect way to capture the audience’s attention quickly and give them useful information about your brand. They also help retain viewer attention. Visitors do not have to hunt your website to find key information. Happy visitors can hopefully convert to potential customers.

Bring your brand to life.

Animated explainer videos provide an opportunity to bring your brand to life. This creates an instant audience connection. 

Increase conversion rates.

Explainer videos connect with audience problems and offer solutions that fit into their life. So, if you can make your video effectively pitch in your product or service, visitors are more like to purchase from you. 

Videos have the highest ROI.

Videos are a great long-term investment and have been proven to generate higher returns than any other form of marketing content.

Improve your online visibility.

Explainer videos on your website are likely to boost your SEO ranking, which puts your website in front of your target customers. As your website and content appear higher in Google searches, it will drive more traffic to your site, also increasing the chances of converting visitors into real buyers. 

Looking to experience one or more of these explainer video benefits during COVID-19 and beyond? Hire the best explainer video editing team at Motion Edits today. 

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