How Animated Product Demos Breathe Life Into Your SaaS Sales Process

How Animated Product Demos Breathe Life Into Your SaaS Sales Process


You believe in the power of your SaaS products and might want to tell everyone you meet about them enthusiastically. Unfortunately, you cannot do that all day, and this is why product demo videos are the best choice.

It is no secret that videos constitute a big chunk of the overall internet usage these days. They are entertaining and the audience can easily relate to them. Animated product videos take this a step further — eye-catching visuals and animated storytelling transport viewers into another dimension. They highlight the best about your products within a short time and get the audience excited. These well-informed audiences easily relate to the product in a few minutes and it makes it easier for them to make a purchase decision.

So, if you’re thinking of shaking up your SaaS sales process, you should give animated explainer product demos a try.

Still not convinced? Here are a few ways that animated explainer videos can give your SaaS sales process a new lease of life.

1. They are Versatile

Animated videos can be a versatile sales tool. They can be used almost at every stage of the marketing and sales funnel. They do a great job whether you include them in blog posts, landing pages, or simply the product home page.

The level of complexity and application of your SaaS product is the last thing you should worry about – with animated videos, everything can be simplified enough to be understood by the masses. You see, animations are not bound by the limitations faced by videography and photography, so there is nothing that you cannot showcase with a great animated video.

2. They Contribute to Your Site’s Performance

Firstly, these videos look good wherever they are placed. They enhance the visual appeal of content that is otherwise just textual. The readers are intrigued by their presence and get hooked once they start playing them.

Using animated product demonstrations on your website has an added benefit – it improves the on-page SEO, improving parameters like bounce rate and eventually garnering better ranks for your site on search results.

3. They Are Great for Presentations

It’s not just your website that could use these videos. You can reap their benefits in pitch meetings for investors, internal stakeholders’ presentations, and of course, customer facing videos. Including them in automated chatbots and support systems would make it much easier for your support team to troubleshoot.

They fit right everywhere in the presentations and make your work easier, not to mention increasing the charisma of the content.

4. Animated Product Demos Come in Many Formats

Animations have come a long way since they were first used. With a rapid rise in powerful multitasking software and potent hardware technologies to support it, the potential with animation is unlimited. Here are some of the most popular animated demo videos you can invest in for your sales success.

  • Animated Explainer Demos

Animations are attractive – snappy animated explainer videos can get the audience’s attention and help you get more exposure without much hassle. It is undoubtedly one of the greatest marketing tools available to you as a SaaS service provider, or for that matter any service provider.

The traditional method of animation was manual – all the characters were hand-drawn. With the latest animation tools, the the contemporary look and feel can be emulated without the need to draw. This cuts the costs down and retains an attractive appeal that keeps viewers hooked.

  • 3D Animation Demos

No matter how complex the product usage seems to be, 3D animated videos can get the job done, and that too with flying colors. Whether you want to demonstrate hardware integrations with your SaaS products or showcase the inner mechanisms of your software technology, 3D animated product usage videos are the best.

With advanced animation technologies, we can create stunning 3D videos that bring characters to life and your products into the spotlight.

Final Thoughts

The type of animated video to be used depends on your business goals, budget, market audience, and overall vision.

Sales and marketing teams can attest to the fact that clarity of message and high engagement are imperative to selling more effectively. Animated product demos hold terrific potential for your sales because they simplify information and present it in an appealing way. No wonder, well-made product demos are reported to create a steady increase in traffic, conversions, and sales.

At Motion Edits, we are one of the best animation studios that can help you reap the benefits of animated demos for your SaaS products. Our team of talented animators create stunning animated videos that go above and beyond to deliver the desired outcomes.

Want to boost your SaaS sales process with animated demo videos? Get in touch with us today!

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