How Animated Explainers Can Transform Your Logistics & Transportation

How Animated Explainers Can Transform Your Logistics & Transportation


As businesses recognize the potential of videos, the popularity of video marketing is spreading like a wildfire across industries. Animated explainer video is one of the most effective strategies in the marketing world — a fact backed by hard data.

According to Hubspot’s animated video statistics, 94% of consumers prefer to watch explainer videos to get a better understanding of the product or the brand they wish to purchase and 84% of them made a purchase decision after watching a video.

From business’ side, investing in video marketing brings lucrative ROI for them in terms of increased leads (84%) and conversions (34%).


Why Consider Explainer Videos for Logistics and Transportation?

The power of explainer videos lies in their ability to turn a complex concept into an engaging story that’s delivered in a matter of seconds. Explainer videos communicate ideas and important bits of information easily and in a way that’s memorable for the viewer. These qualities of animated explainer videos make them a terrific tool for businesses that rely on effective communication.

One area that can benefit tremendously from explainer videos is the transportation and logistics. As an operation that thrives on multiple levels of collaboration and partnerships, there are thousands of spots in the supply chain where lack of communication could lead to a million grievous disruptions — incorrect or lost shipments, unexpected delays, missed deliveries, breakdown in work partnerships, and more.

No wonder, transportation companies can derive massive advantages from investing in explainer videos. But no matter the industry, if shipping and logistics make up a core part of your business, you have many reasons to include explainer videos in your operations.

Ways to Use Animated Explainer Videos for Transportation and Logistics

Logistics is a complex process where a single gap in communication can mean angry customers, demand for refunds, negative reviews and loss of business. The journey of goods from the point of origin to the point of consumption needs to be a perfectly coordinated effort in order to meet demands and timelines. It involves communicating a wide range of information to various teams to ensure there are no broken links between production, packaging, warehousing, shipping, and delivery.

When such critical and complicated messages are communicated using lengthy emails, 10-page guides, and stacks of instruction manuals, you can be sure of one thing: No one will read them. Or, at least read them fully. This is where animated explainer videos can make a difference.

These short and snappy videos pack a lot of information and deliver them concisely. Videos engage viewers both visually and aurally, so they are far more memorable than texts and images. With vivid characters, gripping narrative, and eye-catching animations, well-made explainer videos sustain the interest of the viewers and communicate what’s important before their attention drops.

By introducing explainer videos in your logistics and supply chain operations, you can fill the gaps in communication more efficiently and make sure critical information is shared easily, grasped faster, and retained for longer.

Here are some ways to leverage animated explainer videos in your logistics operations.

Establish a Solid Understanding of Your Supply Chain Workflow

When your employees and vendors are clear about the position they hold in the supply chain, not only does it clear up the confusion and contribute to a smoother process but also makes them feel more accountable for their share of the task. Animated explainer videos are great for describing the intricacies of logistics workflow of your business in a visually stimulating and memorable manner.

Training Videos to Onboard Your Staff and Vendors

Educating your staff and even vendors from the outset can nip many problems in the bud. Use explainer videos to help new members of your team grasp important processes and vital information so they can start off on the right foot. This will reduce the scope for miscommunication and help you set the tone for positive staff and vendor relations.

Add the Necessary Pep in Your Internal Meetings and Communication

Meetings and presentations, though crucial, are often seen as boring or time wasters. Animated videos can be the surest way to breathe life into your meetings and elevate them from dull to deeply-valued in a matter of few seconds!

Make Your Customer Support More Efficient

It’s common for customers to throw a volley of questions at your team. From information about your services to status enquiries to complaints and grievances, there’s a lot that you need to communicate to your customers on a regular basis.

Explainer videos can be a handy tool for your customer support reps. With the help of these videos, you can walk your customers through your services, give them a picture of what your process looks like, what they can expect from you, or who to contact in case of specific issues etc.

Promote Your Business

2D animated promotional and demo videos can be a fantastic way to drive interest around your services. Use them to introduce your business to your prospects and partners; educate them on how your services work; describe the benefits your solutions provide; and even boost their confidence in your business with testimonial videos…the possibilities are unlimited.

Final Thoughts

Animated explainer videos can change the face of communication in your logistics operations and make way for higher engagement among all parties involved. Strategic use of these videos for internal and external communication and for your overall marketing purposes can lead to higher productivity, better performance, and bigger ROI.

Our team at Motion Edits can help you realize your business goals through result-driven and innovative explainer video production. Interested to take the discussion further? Call us today!

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