How Animated Explainer Videos Can Cause Your Mobile App Installs to Boom

How Animated Explainer Videos Can Cause Your Mobile App Installs to Boom


There are so many great apps out there. Your mobile app is great too, perhaps it has the potential to rule among the top in its segment. But how will you make sure it reaches its target audience and fulfils that potential?

From marketing’s point of view—let an animated explainer video put the limelight on your mobile app and watch your mobile app installs take on a ‘fast and furious’ route.

The best marketing tool for your mobile app

Even the coolest, most feature-laden mobile app needs to be promoted effectively. If not, then the risk of getting lost in the jungle of apps out there is high. Marketing statistics have proved that video marketing is the best digital product strategy you can adopt. To be more specific, animated explainer videos are the surest way to get the bull’s eye.

A short video with eye-catching animation, appealing motion graphics, simple language, and impressionable audio is the ideal promotion for your mobile app. You see, they achieve some very important things.

Animated explainer videos pitch the idea of the mobile app in an easy and fun way

They successfully explain the features with animation without sounding too technical or boring. Animation describes the functionality in an understandable way to your target audience so they’ll use your app. It’s the most vivid way to show how your app works and what it does.

Animation holds the attention of the audience and your mobile app sticks to their memory

Animated videos appeal better to your target audience. They easily form a bond with the audience and help them to retain the message. Added to it, the concept of explainer videos uses an approach that guarantees to make your audience feel more included in the actual process of using the app. The chances of engaging with the mobile app and installing it automatically increases.

Animated explainers boost brand awareness along with recognition for your mobile app

There is a reason why short animated commercials ruled the trending lists of mobile app marketing in the past couple of years and will continue to do so. The reason behind this popularity and demand is its ability to connect with and entertain the audience. Animated explainers do not just market your app, they connect with your audience with an entertaining story, making them enjoy listening about it. Audience remembers brands that has such videos, think how Red Bull nailed it.

If your audience is having fun just by learning about your app, you can be sure it boosts the chances of mobile app installs!

The best part about animated explainers is that it allows you to convey the main idea of your mobile app, showcase its beauty and mood, and evaluate its advantages. It allows your audience to have a glimpse of the experience that is waiting for them. An experience they can have the moment they install your mobile app. Et voila! Animated explainers successfully convince and convert your audience.

It is clear that when your target audience understands how your app works and why it would benefit them, and it’s presented to them in an appealing way, they will want to install it.

Spicing up the boring advert styles

Let’s face it, an expert listing the technical features, a lengthy text explaining all the competitive advantages, or a beautiful model showing the mobile app installed on their smart phone don’t sound fun anymore.

Instead, what if an animated emoji inside the smartphone interacts with your mobile app? Think of a humorous introduction skit, a blind date meeting scenario…the possibilities are endless. Just this one idea could have creative and interesting ways of communicating the ideas and app features. Animated explainers let you control the narrative. You can go funny, wild, and even wacky. The result is always an engaged audience, and after that, a boom in mobile app installs!

Are you still on the fence?

If you are still waiting on your first animated explainer, don’t anymore. All your competitors have made the decision and are probably brainstorming on the concept of one right now. Having said that, any plunge or a new campaign is fraught with apprehensions and the best way to quell that is to work with experienced experts!

Experience is necessary to decode the market dynamics, and skills are essential to create the best. Motion Edits qualifies on both counts and much more. We produce animated explainer videos that can capture the soul of your mobile app. We also capture the undivided attention of your target audience.

Everything is possible with an animated explainer video.

Motion Edits can make a memorable animated explainer for your mobile app with attractive visuals, animations and informative audio. We develop a unique tone and style to communicate your messaging in a way that will add to your brand recognition. We are really good at creatively translating your brief. Our team of editors have an impressive portfolio that includes various industry segments, businesses, and organisations.

A key area where we stress on performing better is to make the video shareable. The more your video is shared on various social media platforms, the higher are its chances of engagement. It increases the number of people who would like to install your mobile app.

We never fail to deliver. If you want to see a boom in your mobile app installs, call us to discuss an animated explainer video for it.

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