How Animated Explainer Videos Can Boost Your Inbound Marketing Outcomes

How Animated Explainer Videos Can Boost Your Inbound Marketing Outcomes


Animation always inspires whether in a concise social media format or a comprehensive explanatory video avatar. In video advertising, it is the most popular and effective format. There is a natural storytelling quality in animated videos that engages the audience. This also makes it a key driver of digital ad spend around the world and in the US it is expected to grow from $10.18 billion in 2019 to $12.66 billion in 2024


Animated explainers are the flavor

An average US consumer is confronted with a big amount of information every day, almost five times more than thirty years ago. Overstimulation can be a potential problem. Animated videos, however, enhance the customer value with a more immersive consumption experience. 

Now, inbound marketing aims to attract potential customers to a website or draw them to learn about a product or service. What better way to achieve this than with animated explainer videos?

  • They entertain customers while helping them solve a problem and discover a product or service,
  • They create value for the customer,
  • They can be designed to not be explicitly promotional and yet weave larger messages within.

In comparison to other inbound marketing tactics such as blogs, case studies, e-books, etc. animated explainer videos take the cake. A professional animated video company can make relatable, helpful, and entertaining videos that are sure to be successful in terms of inbound marketing campaigns.


Enhancing inbound marketing strategies

Animated explainer videos are a versatile match for any kind of strategy or medium of inbound marketing. The flexibility of 2D animation allows rigorous tailoring of video content that can stand out in the crowd of hours of video content available out there. 

The relevance, power of engagement, and compelling nature of these videos can be adapted for landing pages, social media posts, email marketing, or the website home page.


Here are some ways to strengthen the effectiveness of inbound marketing strategies with an animated explainer video boost:


  • Viewers prefer to watch videos because they are entertaining. Animated explainer videos offer that with an interesting storyline and delightful visual elements added to the mix. Think online education portals advertising with Math or English Literature characters in 2D.


  • The art is to present the most relevant information in a concise manner and still keep it engaging. Animated explainer experts can achieve this delicate balance without losing the viewer mid-way. 2D is a format that’s easy on the eyes and lends itself beautifully to effective storytelling. The simplicity and versatility of 2D animation in marketing explainers make sure an inbound strategy doesn’t fail to strike its goal.


  • Animated explainer videos can be used to project any phase in the customer’s purchase journey. From realizing the need for a product or service to solve an existing problem to introducing a brand, from decision-making to onboarding, and ‘how-to-use’—the possibilities are many. Think of interestingly explaining open houses and showings rules in these times of social distancing.


  • Animated explainer videos provide an instant boost to home pages and marketing emails. They can captivate viewers immediately and also spice up their expectations, meeting them successfully. Both these places have the task of creating the first impression on a potential consumer, a prime goal for inbound marketing campaigns.


  • Animated explainer videos work wonderfully in customer onboarding campaigns. They can effectively help you to earn customer loyalty and validate their decision of purchase. This value will result in recommendations and word-of-mouth publicity. For instance, corporate houses can effectively land success with client onboarding processes explained through interesting animation.


  • Including a motion graphics video in landing pages created specifically for a marketing or advertising campaign are ideal for converting sales leads. They make landing pages attractive and better the impact of a brand’s impression.


  • Animated explainer videos make viewers stop scrolling and start watching. They are viewer-friendly, easier to understand, and targets the audience seamlessly. As an added bonus, they have an inherently sharable quality on social media platforms.

There are many stories of brands that have enjoyed inbound marketing success through solid animated video production. If your business is falling short of striking the right notes in terms of brand message, or in appealing to a broader audience, it is time to include an animated explainer video in your strategy arsenal.

The final take 

Animation is a big business. Whether you are a corporate house, real estate agency, educational institute, or any other business, your digital presence will need a strong brand story. Animated explainers and motion graphics videos can undeniably achieve this business success for inbound marketing and choosing the right animated video company is the first step.  

The preference for mobile devices and the popularity of digital video advertising platforms like Facebook and YouTube have made competition in inbound marketing quite steep. Thanks to animated explainer videos from Motion Edits, your impactful messages are sure to get noticed. 

Our handcrafted styling does not rely on templates. Motion Edits can be your one source for the concept, storyboard, and video creation. Our winner 2D format follows predefined processes and decision paths saving you valuable time and money. Our experienced team creates animated and informative videos for your communication strategy in 2D including illustrations and animation of figures and data visualizations. Consult us today!


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