How After Effects Can Take Your Video Editing to the Next Level

How After Effects Can Take Your Video Editing to the Next Level


After effects is an amazing tool to add mesmerizing motion graphics, text animations, and some really cool visual effects to your final edits. More than an editing software, it serves as icing on the cake with what you can achieve with this tool’s ability!

“Do you know After Effects?” is a question most of us have frequently faced when being hired as a videographer or cinematographer. Being able to say a confident “yes” is most often easier said than done. A motion artist expert in After Effects can, however, bring your ideas to life. 

Video editing is an interesting art and some experienced editors can turn your raw footage into a very engaging film.  But it does not end there. There are several visual effects, title animations, lower thirds, animated social icons, camera tracking, etc. – that you’d still want to incorporate on your film as part of your final post work. After Effects as a compositing software can achieve a lot of complicated tasks – something that you always dreamt of achieving in your video projects.

. If you want your videos to stand out from the crowd — go for professional After Effects editing. That’s exactly where a premier video editing company like Motion Edits comes in!  Our expert video editors & motion artists create everything from scratch and offer customized services to suit every editing need you can possibly have.  


What You Can Do With After Effects

Adobe After Effects is a 2.5D animation software that you can use to add animation and visual effects to videos and to do motion picture compositing. It is widely used for creating special effects in Films, TV, Advertisements, and Web Series. Used largely in the post-production phase, After Effects is known for its versatility and has hundreds of effects that you can use to produce amazing visual wizardry. Work created using After Effects is literally everywhere.

If you want to make an impact with video editing apart from the straightforward cuts, fades, and wipes, turn to a professional editor who can use After Effects like Chroma key, visual effects, kinetic text animations, camera tracking, motion tracking, etc.


Let’s take a closer look at how Adobe After Effects can take your video editing to the next level. 


Motion Graphics

Quite often we need to create some kind of text element while editing videos. After Effects will take your graphics to the next level. Be it lower thirds to represent names & designations, or call-outs to differentiate some important elements, be it animated social icons for IG or FB, or animated end screen for YouTubers – After Effects can achieve this all, something that would be difficult to achieve via an editing software like Premiere or FCP. From YouTubers to Cinematographers to Directors – we can assist you in giving these amazing final touches to your edited film and thereby make a lasting impact on your end product.


Text Animations

Adobe After Effects is an excellent tool to create complicated text animations. Most video editing programs are fitted with basic animation features, but After Effects makes even complex animation seem like child’s play. 

The software provides numerous tools to create complex typography and bring it to life. Add motion to that typography and you have an animation that’s unique to your style. You can create unimaginable Titles that suit the kind of content you want to create.

You can make your videos so much more dynamic using complex text animations in AE. All you need is the right After Effects artists who can give the perfect creative output to your vision. 


Visual Effects

True to its name, After Effects can create stunning visual effects. With this software, compositing can be very simple – take multiple visual elements and merge them to create the illusion of a single visual element. The chroma key, tracking tools, and masks come in handy in creating composite visuals.

Whether you need a green screen as a weather report background or you want the moon as a backdrop for your subject, an expert can easily add any visual backdrop imaginable using After Effects. 


Camera Tracking

Camera Tracking is one of the most powerful features in After Effects. This tool lets you track the movement of an object in a piece of footage. A professional motion artist can use this tracking data to create stunning visual arts and motion graphics. Our expert editors will take your videos to the next level by using camera tracking for a range of compositions that includes adding HUDs, animated icons, 3D elements into your footage and placing it properly so it looks like part of the original footage itself. 


Keying & Mask

Keying green-screen footage is another important composting effect of AE.  It is essentially done by removing green or blue backgrounds from your shot and replacing the colored area using new elements, footage, or photos. An AE artist can fill the keyed-out background with a 3D environment (CGI) or composite new visuals. To get quality results you need to make sure that the artist is able to perfectly composite the scene after keying out so that the video looks natural like before. 

Masks are a great way to mask off or hide selected areas of a particular layer. They can be used to cut out elements from a video. Adobe after effect specialists will use tracking & keying in sync with the mask for total control of an image.  

If you’ve made it this far in the article then it seems like you are looking for a reliable artist for your projects. Get in touch with Motion Edits – our team of professional video editors and motion artists can take care of all your post-production needs and complicated animation requirements.

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