Full Length Wedding Film Editing Services

Full Length Wedding Film Editing Services


“Shoot ample Weddings without any Video Post Production hassles”

Outsource your wedding video edit for quality, fast turnaround, and reasonable pricing. Motion Edits delivers Long Play Feature Film edits conveying all the desired emotions. We factor in pacing, story, visual continuity and sound to create a good wedding video output within a short amount of time.

High-pressure deadlines for your wedding video deliverables? Piled up with video editing projects and require a quick turnaround? We’ve got your back. Motion Edits is a team of professional wedding film editors serving cinematographers for 12 years. We edit full length wedding feature films using Adobe Premiere with a huge library of resources and assets to take your video to next level. What makes our video editing unique is that we bring the cinematographer’s perspective and cut to every video we edit. Whether you need the footage stitched together as per your style or you require a creative remote freelance editor to organize your shots into a coherent and interesting timeline, we’ll be there to assist in exactly the capacity you need.

Motion Edits is a global video editing company, with a team of experienced and exclusive wedding full length documentary editors. We undertake the entire post production process for agencies and videographers from over 50 countries worldwide. Familiar with the various tools, systems, and software that come with the enhancement is what makes us experts in following the best video editing process. As an experienced video editing company, specifically wedding full length and highlight films, we have successfully served for ten years to videographers in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Phoenix, Denver, Washington, Boston, Oklahoma and worldwide. Outsource Full Length Documentary edits to Motion Edits, if you are looking for long term collaboration and support with video post production services.

Our experienced team of wedding video editors can edit films in a cinematic or documentary style. We focus on the emotion by telling a story that takes the viewer on a journey. We have worked on a wide variety of projects including Jewish weddings, Protestant wedding, Catholic weddings, Thai weddings, Muslim Weddings, Persian Weddings, African Weddings, Asian Weddings, and Indian Hindu Weddings. Motion Edits is the leading video editing post production company for traditional and ethnic video editing films. Over the years, we have mastered in editing different cultures and customs. Hire our professional video editors to edit Long Play Feature Films for stunning couture weddings.

Motion Edits is the best wedding video editing company if you are looking to add a team of roaster, professional and talented editing resources of Feature Documentary Film editors. Understanding instructions and delivering as per deadlines is our priority with a dedication to high quality output. We believe in working closing with each client and our ultra communicative and responsive to your needs and requirement specifications. We use experience, tools, trends, skill, and insight to create cinematic, engaging content. Our approach to telling love stories has evolved for years, going from long form documentary style films to short form pieces with a focus on storytelling. We also do custom wedding video editing like fun wedding recaps using reception dance footage.

Motion Edits is a team of creative, resourceful, dynamic and independent, full length documentary editors with a strong sense of timing and storytelling. In addition to Feature Film editing, we also edit Short Films, Documentary Films, Wedding Cinematic Highlights, Ceremony Edits and Save the Date Edits. Although not limited to only wedding videos, we are exclusively proficient in AdobePremiere Pro.We possess the knowledge and experience to bring your ideas to life through an elegantly created video. Allow us to take your raw footage and polish it into a beautiful story from start to finish! For any further video editing queries, to see further samples or custom requirements, Please feel free to reach out.

What is a Full Length Feature Film Edit?

Full Length edit is an All-inclusive edit with all the bells and whistles.A Full Feature Wedding Film is a polished and mastered version of your entire wedding day event.
The editor will cull through the footage to find the most compelling, storytelling footage and then edit it together to make the best, most emotional films possible. The films should also fit your style and bring out your brand as a cinematographer.

What is the difference between a Feature Film and a Documentary Edit?

A Feature film is editing a full length long play film from start to finish of the wedding. A Documentary edit is a style of editing a Feature Film. It’s called the Full Length documentary style editing.
What is cut to the beats?
The films we edit need to be cut to the beat. There are 2 ways to cut to a beat
1. The Main Beat
2. The Main Beat plus the words

What does a typical week of our skilled wedding video editor look like?

    • Communicating the client with the timeline of delivery, understanding any special instructions after tallying the total raw footage data received.
    • Executing the project in Premiere Pro once all the footage and audio is downloaded. Further, working out the sequence of action.
    • Making time lines, shot selection, editing the final output timeline, adding effects, audio editing, adding SFX, and relevant music. Tweaking the results until we obtain a perfect film.
    • Manipulate and edit a clean and smooth film piece that is undetectable to the viewers.
    • Review shooting script and video to create a shortlist of scenes’ value and contribution to continuity.
    • Cut unwanted footage segments and arrange the sequence of the film into a creative long play edit.
    • Input music, dialogues, graphics, and effects. Create rough and final cuts. Ensure logical sequencing and smooth running.
    • Speedy communication in spite of time difference to ensure a smooth end to end video post production process.
    • Keeping pace with the latest wedding video editing technologies and trends, follow best practices for Work Flow and implementing them to deliver up to date and trendy feature films.

What makes Motion Edits the best Full Length Feature Film Editing Company in the United States and Canada?

Strong Operational and Logistic Infrastructure
    • Capacity to manage and download large editing projects that varies between 100 & 1,000 GB for each wedding that may include 4K footage, and multiple cameras.
    • Ability to upload final Full Length films and documentary edits ranging from 1-2 GB for wedding highlights and 6-20GB for documentary films.
    • Effectively managing re- uploading of Adobe Premiere project file, ensuring file management, so any other remote editor on the team may open and adjust the video when necessary.
    • Make available an organized and well formatted Project file on request by video production house or agency, for ease of other editors opening and adjusting. In case you are working on FCP, we can deliver XML, which will work just fine when imported.
    • Enthusiasm and drive to deliver before the committed deadline originally agreed to for each job assigned
Professional Editing Process
    • Efficiently organizing video files by events even if folders are not created for Wedding Ceremony, Reception, Speeches Formals, etc.
    • With extensive experience in synching multi cameras, up to 7 cameras, synchronize multi-cam footages and audio tracks from Plural Eyes and a visual synchronization from individual frames.
    • Elimination of out of focus or shaky blur frames, while keeping constant coverage of scene (via changing camera angle or adding B-roll footage to the scene)
    • Color correcting all the clips in the sequence so that the final output looks the same irrespective of how many cameras took the shots. Color grading wedding highlights and feature films when requested.
    • De-noising as well as digital stabilization of the footage wherever required.
    • Smooth transition between important events including the ceremony to the reception, reception to the dance party, best man speech to the maid of honor speech, etc.

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