From Bland to Brilliant: How Editing Pros Breathe Life into Corporate Interview Videos

From Bland to Brilliant: How Editing Pros Breathe Life into Corporate Interview Videos


Corporate interview videos are a powerful medium to showcase a brand’s expertise and engage the audience. But as simple as it may sound, a 2-3 minutes story that simply focuses on people talking to the camera isn’t going to earn viewers. 

More importantly, corporate videos are often filmed over several hours. Compressing all that action in a short, sleek video that captures the viewers’ attention is no mean feat. This is where the mettle of quality video editing is tested. In the hands of the wrong editor, it can be a hot mess. 

Clearly, video editing can breathe life into any corporate interview video. But, how is it done?

Editing pros know exactly how to recreate the best possible video sequence. They have the skills and creativity to edit and bring together the best parts of the interview to create a seamless and engaging flow. They understand how to achieve the right mix of sound, length, and script. When all of these elements come together to creatively enhance the look and feel of the video, that’s when the magic happens. 

The job is to make it visually compelling

Video editing professionals have a host of techniques, tools, and ideas in their arsenal to make the corporate interview look as good as possible. They have many ways to increase the clarity, coherence, and compactness of corporate videos

Let’s take a look at how editing pros use their skills to connect with viewers on numerous levels, and make corporate interview videos successful.

  1. Abstract visuals

When it comes to situating the viewer, visual data such as simulations or animations is used. In case of corporate interview videos, abstract visuals help to engage with the audience in a more informal manner. The key is to be creative and make full use of the visual storytelling — such as using footage that aligns with what the interviewee is saying or altering the speed of the footage — to keep the content interesting.

If the subject matter of your business is complex or technical, it will lend itself well to abstract visuals. Animation is especially suited convey tone and movement through techniques like pulsing, sliding, expanding, etc.

  1. Adding stock footage

Stock footage is a great and helpful resource in improving visual appeal and content richness. The key is to blend it in creatively while also maintaining the authentic feel of the overall video. 

First, finding the right clip takes time and research. Second, they should match the original content’s style and tone seamlessly. Finally, there are the technical aspects like correct format, color correction and grading, reframing, video speeds, transitions, etc. Hence, even with ready content such as stock footage, the actual task is quite skill intensive or you are left with a patchy product.

  1. B-rolls

Any footage outside the interview is termed B-roll. Editing pros understand the importance of this supplemental video footage as it adds both visual interest and context. From product shots to subject matter related graphs and charts, and screen text—b-roll increases production value and provides a professional polish. It is a great technique for tightening the overall edit by cutting out unwanted bits. 

  1. Creative Use of Stills

When editing pros are utilize elements of both stills and motion work, they are pushing the creative envelope. For instance, stills can used when a particular feature of a product or service is being discussed. Then there are the aesthetical technical details of push-in, pull-out, blurring the background, or blowing up the still. Every technique adds to the narrative and refines the storytelling in the video.

  1. Adding sound effects and audio mixing

Video editing checklists pay close attention to audio because it hugely affects the final cut. Sound brings the video experience to life. It is a great tool for evoking emotions and further increasing a viewer’s engagement with the video. Audio is an important layer in video editing as it adds depth to the visuals. Interestingly, silence is also used to make a video effective. The precise use of this element only comes from experience and expertise.

It can be easy to overlook how much time and effort goes into video post-production. The long hours of research and hard work that are spent in the editing room is almost akin to magic that breathes life into corporate interview videos. The editing pros are essentially armed with years of skill perfection when they come to their edit bays.

It takes skill to produce a greater emotional impact 

Video editing is at the very outset telling a story that the viewers would be compelled to pay attention to. In short, their skill lies in making it interesting, outstanding, and compelling. The crucial and fundamental requirement here is insanely fantastic editing skills. Editing pros can totally ace working with multiple video elements such as stock footage, motion graphics, overlays, etc. to deliver the best final product.

Every videographer or cinematographer who are in love with their creativity know that their work will receive the final glimmer only after expert and professional editing. This is where Motion Edits comes in. Our video editing services can highlight important corporate interviews their best look. 

We work every project with a completely new perspective to match the exact expectation of the videographer. Whether the end client is a corporate house, or real estate agency, or educational institute, or any other business, our team of editing pros can achieve result you’re looking for. Collaborate with us for interview video editing solutions and let us materialize your vision!

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