What is your Turn around Time to complete a video project?

This depends on the footage submitted to us. Usually we deliver projects in a week. Complex (with about 200 gb of data, 4+ cameras etc) projects may take 2 weeks or more depending on complexity.

Do you allow revisions on delivery?

Yes, once the editing is done we submit the film for review. We allow 2 rounds of revisions. Once the edit is submitted you send it back with comments and change requests, we will submit the film after incorporating these changes. We can again go through another third round of revision if you or your clients’ needs any additional changes.

Do you edit 4K videos?

Yes, we do edit 4k Videos. We have edited and delivered 5k videos as well.

If I send you Project Files and Proxies, can you work on that?

Yes. We understand uploading loads of 4k footage can be time consuming and cumbersome. You can create proxies and send us the project files. We’ll edit it and send the project files back along with all/any the asset we used to edit the film.

I use a lot of time remapping, slow motion with nice effects on my films. Can you adapt to my style of editing?

We can most certainly adapt to your style of editing. Be it time remapping, slow motions, video effects, transitions or any other special requests, we can definitely match your expectations and make video films accordingly.

Can I expect to get the same editor for all my projects?

We envision to make life easier for whoever is involved in the process. And it does make perfect sense to always engage the same editor who has already worked on your project before so that the editor knows your likes and taste and there are less iterations. However, while we try and ensure that this happens, it is very difficult for us to execute this especially when we have to be equally committed to delivery timelines.

What formats of video files you work on?

We work on AVI, MPEG, WMV, MP4, and MOV. If you have any other file format contact us here.

How do you accept Payment?

You can either wire transfer us to our Bank Account or use PayPal. You may also pay through your debit or credit cards using PayPal.

How do you decide on Music?

If you have a choice of music please share that. Or we will use music what we think suits best for the edit. All the music we use is either licensed or royalty free. So there are no infringement of copyrights.

Do you make videos out of photos?

Yes, we can create videos out of selection of the photos you have. This is called photo slideshow. You can check some of the examples of our work on this regard here.