Explainer Video Trends Going Strong in 2021

Explainer Video Trends Going Strong in 2021


The target audience across industries has several things in common—shorter attention span, less time on hands leading to quick decisions, limited mobility due to COVID, and smartphone-enabled impulses. The one marketing tactic that has triumphed all these criteria to the advantage of any product or service is explainer videos.

How 2020 Changed Explainer Videos

Globally, the watch time has increased by 800% for both ad-supported and purchased movies, for live content the figure is up 250%. In the US, visual consumption on TV screens has increased by 350%. In short, the global pandemic brought ‘value’ to the forefront as isolation made us consume more online engagement. 

Hence, brand stories and client viewpoints through explainer videos have undergone some essential changes.

  • Shorter durations of one minute or lesser, widely being termed as ‘snack content’
  • Authentic in their value
  • More compelling
  • Easily shareable

In terms of content, animated explainer videos rule the roost. They are the easiest to engage with and can explain concepts of all kinds in a simpler way. Most importantly, the consumer wants to watch it. 

Second, infographics videos are gaining momentum in explainer videos as the preferred way to share factual information easily through the screen. A lot of brands are wary of opting for the complete animation mode and infographics maintain the ideal balance of seriousness, ‘easy on the eye’, and interesting. 

This fine balance is easily achieved when professionals are at work, and Motion Edits has helped many businesses, corporate houses, real estate agencies, and educational institutes in finding their ideal motion graphics explainer videos.

The Trends for 2021

Visually, explainer videos are scaling new heights as animation offers endless possibilities and is surprisingly adaptable to an array of industries. Pick any industry with any specification and animated explainer videos can make a serious breakthrough in their marketing campaign.

Here is a look at the trends that are going strong:


  1. Whiteboard animation

Its versatility and accessibility make it a trending explainer video format. The advantage lies in its low production effort and affordability. The reduced visuals allow animated texts to pack in more data and still offer an interesting engagement. 

  1. Animated texts

The best way to keep costs low and still offer the same magic of visual experiences. Kinetic typography is quite effective for explainer videos that involve a lot of statistics. They carry better retention than static texts. Also, the auto-play function in social media platforms often means watching videos without sound. Animated texts as subtitles will make sure the full effect is provided with an added engagement factor.

  1. Landing pages

An animated explainer video can change the overall experience of any website background. They add an innovative dynamic to the page. They can be product explanations, new launches, sale offers, brand stories, or any other thing. A landing page with an animated explainer increases its chance of engagement by positively influencing purchase decisions.

  1. Email marketing boost

Email marketing, the classic online marketing technique, can get a shot in the arm with the inclusion of animated explainer videos. Existing customers are likely to continue their loyalty with information through engaging animation.

  1. Social Media Video

Short explainer videos in social media feed such as Facebook, Tiktok and Instagram reels are driving video consumption to new heights. For instance, the emergence of ephemeral videos or temporarily accessible videos makes for effective, engaging, and incredibly addictive content. Brands are increasingly favoring explainer videos in these mediums to drive engagement.


Explainer Video’s Role in Change Management

The way we learn and work has undergone a sea change. In the field of education and work, ‘online’ has acquired a new significance. As the population studies and works from home, digital training, mentoring, and lecturing have entered the main arena. 

Explainer videos are an asset to change management where communication is made comprehensible and uniform through them. From, training and learning to onboarding, animated explainer videos are here to stay and make things clearer and certainly more enjoyable.

Personalize the Experience

That explainer videos should be optimized for the mobile and individual social media platforms is a no-brainer. For instance, we at Motion Edits understand that a preference for vertical videos works better since a majority of smartphones hold their phone so, and not horizontally. 

Explainer videos personalized to consumers are also quite effective in driving engagement and building relationships. A base video and video effects are all it needs to make for specific and highly engaging content tailored to a target demographic.

What if an animated explainer video communicates your messages in a way that ensures your audience will actively participate? Interactive videos do that through clickable links or buttons, or interactive games. They score on engagement and retention, provide better customer information with tracking tools.

They Will Always Remember the Animation

Whether you want an explainer video to educate your audience, inform them of internal changes, new features, and products, or advertise and sell, animation can get it done. There are many pros to this format. The best is the fact that you can design characters to be completely inclusive and representative of your target audience. 

In conclusion, an animated explainer offers every value to a marketing strategy. As a business, your content strategy cannot miss out on these. Contact Motion Edits and let our teamwork the magic with animated explainer videos for your product or service.

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