Event Promotional Video Editing Services

Event Promotional Video Editing Services


“Editing compelling videos to promote your events and brand”

Event videos are one of the powerful digital content strategies to create a buzz in the market. They are useful to showcase and promote music festivals, comedy shows, competitions, product launch, convention, and corporate annual events. A well put together video summary can aid in the publicity of future events and increase footfalls. This increase in attendance means more ticket and seat sales, bigger sponsors, increased revenues and excitement among the audience.

Motion Edits is a video post production company with a team of video editing and motion graphics specialists. We edit event videos across platforms including social media, websites, for both commercial and personal events. We deliver top quality content to different market sectors. Our final edited videos are curated to transmit powerful emotions and experiences.

Let us work closely with you, to understand the exact feel and message you need to convey. Finally, put it into an awesome edited promo video.

What do our event promotion video editing services include?

Be ready for a creative and cinematic style video that will stand out and gain viewership. You will not only get an edited video, but a creative storytelling masterpiece with rightly tuned music, customized titles, transitions & logo animations to grab your viewers’ attention. Our primary tools for editing the best videos are Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects & Photoshop.

Have plenty of event footage that to be summarized into a stylishly edited promo video?

We club all those videos you have, whether from a professional videographer or cell phone footage and edit them all together in Premiere Pro and After Effects using motion graphics wherever required. The outcome is to present you with a shareable video summarizing your live events with flare and moments punctuated to your liking. Our video editors focus on creating visually stunning video content to help market your product, company or brand.

What are the types of event video editing services?

1. A Flashy Montage showcasing the feel of the event in a few seconds. (15 sec. to 1-minute edited montage.)

2. Event Teaser is montage mixed with graphics to explain the purpose or the cause of the event along with generating excitement among the prospect audience towards the event.

3. Event Recap is an all-inclusive edit of everything that occurred, (can include on-site interviews), summarizing full coverage of the event.

4. Event Trailer is a promo created with an objective to attract the attention of the prospect audience towards booking seats for the event. It comprises the best parts of the upcoming show, exciting and funny moments from the previous show.

What kind of event video editing do you specialize in?

Motion edits is an event video post production company, having a range of experiences with editing music festivals, congresses, business events, live concerts, and events. As a result, we are capable to manage multi-disciplinary projects, from basic editing to a high level of difficulty.

What is the use of a promo video, event recap or intros and outros?

You can use our event video editing services and cinematic trailers for:

  • Event or Brand Promotion
  • Increase sales and brand awareness
  • YouTube Channel Intro
  • Fashion Promo
  • Use as a Slideshow
What is the process of getting event video editing services?

1. Share raw footage or ideas: so, we can use appropriate stock footage. We’ll gladly receive any references you might have (color, rhythm, music, etc.) to make sure we get what you want and avoid what you don’t!

2. Style of Video: whether it is a promo, a case video, an event video, corporate video, commercial or your travel vlog post – we can make it work!

3. Digital Source of display: Tell us where you want to show it (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, office projectors, in an event, etc.)

4. Delivery and review: We edit your company video with care and precision, providing you with a high quality video for all purposes, events, internal affairs, interviews, profiles or social media.

Can you polish or re-edit an existing video?

The short answer is Yes! You need to share with us what changes are required in the re-edit as well as transfer project files to us.

Is there a difference between color correction and color grading in video editing?

Color correction is rebalancing the colors in a specific scene so that basic exposure and color qualities are uniformly met; the objective is to ensure each frame loosely matches throughout the video. Color grading is one step further to it, that includes styling the shots as well.

Shows, Live Concerts, Dinner Parties, Product Launch and more. Events pick up steam over time. Creating video content is a great way to promote the next one. Motion Edits creates promotional, recap videos that can be used to celebrate the event that already took place or advertise for a future upcoming event. Whether it is a single camera captured event or multiple cameras used to video record a live event, concert, dance and other types of shows, we shall edit it creatively presenting different angles and frame types including wide shots, close-ups in the final edit.

Every event is different and we can create a video editing package based on your needs. Choose between our different packages to start outsourcing with us! We love collaborating with and cinematographers for video editing assistance and welcome revisions. Your video films are guaranteed to be created by our experienced team of best video editors.

Motion Edits is a video post production studio committed towards professional editing workflow, communication and customer service. We aim to do things the right way the first time, by adapting your style and understanding your vision. With an interest in turning raw footage into the most captivating story, we deliver creative and engaging solutions across platforms including YouTube, Vimeo, Website intros and outros, Facebook promo reels and Instagram stories.

Hire the best editors from the leading audio and video post production house that is willing to make your project succeed. We give our best to understand what your project needs and deliver edited videos the way you had envisioned it. Proven track record of top-quality editing services provided to YouTubers, and event companies and organizers for Food Fests, Tech events, cultural fests, expos, spiritual programs, etc. Get videos edited quickly with our fast turnaround time.

Have an idea in your mind? Let’s make it real together!

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