Engaging Patients With Medical Explainer Videos

Engaging Patients With Medical Explainer Videos


Explainer videos are a versatile content type that suits almost all businesses, organizations, and industries. In the field of healthcare, explainer videos can effortlessly engage patients and make sense to a large number of viewers.

As a cinematographer or video producer, your healthcare clients represent an industry that is highly specialized. Whether it is medical education, healthcare marketing, or patient engagement, medical explainer videos have to demonstrate complex concepts in an easy and engaging way.

Explainer videos really work

Let’s face it, we turn to Google first to research our symptoms and plausible treatments. Statistics say that the percentage of these people is 48% in the 18-24 age group*. Medical explainer videos are the ideal answer for this demographic. It is a sure-fire way to nail online marketing by explaining procedures to patients, preparing for treatment, and above all, as a great educating tool. The focus should be on sending the right message, and there’s a right way for that.

Medical explainer videos require careful crafting

To begin with, there are the medical jargons and an overwhelming number of subject matter facts. You may have superb content but crafting it all in a crisp and engaging way to stand out and engage a viewer is no small feat.

There are detailed nuances involved here. You cannot compromise on facts or omit any characteristic no matter how complex. On the other hand, you need to keep an eye on the time and make sure dry facts remain interesting throughout. An animation production company skilfully produces explainer videos that can bring about a balanced approach—one which is equally parts informative and entertaining.

How to achieve the best in medical explainer videos?

Healthcare is a sensitive domain, it needs careful, factual, and at the same time, a compassionate approach. The right mix of scripting with voiceovers, sound storyboarding, use of graphics and illustrations, skilled animation techniques, and polishing the end product with sound design and editing brings about an effective explainer video. In short, the video should create an emotional connection and thus aid in easier engagement.

At Motion Edits, we understand that a medical explainer video should not be too obvious on the sales pitch part. We approach animation work on healthcare-related videos with an aim to win the trust of your audience and provide information foremost.

The key to success lies in drawing a good storyboard and matching it with the right animation choice. For instance, a new mother looking for pediatric information will prefer a character animation video over a whiteboard animation. On the other hand, explaining a surgical procedure is aptly achieved through 2D animation. Thus, the choice matters.

Simplifying is the best way to engage patients

Patients often feel overwhelmed with technicities, jargon, and information overload. Explainer videos rendered through animation can simplify complex information using visuals in conjunction with a voice-over or audio narrative, or use texts with stop motion graphics to explain concepts and terms.

Getting the timing right is another crucial aspect

As an experienced animation and motion graphics company, we can tell you though that there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ formula here. The length of a video will depend on the information you have tried to present as a producer. The sweet spot is attained in explainer videos typically from 30 seconds to 120 seconds.

What works and how

The vital consideration should be what the audience wants. In the arena of medical explainer videos, disseminating information in a way that resonates with patients is the key. Think reliability, care, and compassion, presenting facts and treatment processes in a simple flow.

Motion Edits and its team of experienced animators and motion artists are clear that for the content to work it should be aligned to your goals. When the goal is patient engagement, complex information needs to be turned into easy-to-digest content and sensitive topics need a light-hearted approach.

Animated healthcare explainer videos are particularly good at driving home patient engagement and at improving the branding. Healthcare and medicine address mortality whether by a long route or a short one. Explaining them in the best way is pretty important!

Are you looking for a reliable animation company to partner with your content? Let us create the best possible presentation of your hard work, contact our team for more information about a collaboration.

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