Editing Brand Films That Stand Out and Stay Memorable

Editing Brand Films That Stand Out and Stay Memorable


With businesses competing for customer attention more than ever, the amount of content being published daily has skyrocketed. Video takes the cake for being consumed the most among all other content formats. People spend hours watching videos every day and brands are obliging them by pushing out more and more videos.

Corporate or brand films are one of the top trends in video marketing today and their popularity is on the rise due to their ability to help brands connect to their audience on a deeper level.

What Makes a Brand Film Different?

A brand film is more authentic in its approach than any other type of brand video and hence, possesses the power to make people identify with a brand. This carefully crafted piece of media offers viewers an insightful peek into a brand and what it stands for. It often involves interviews with people associated with a company, be it staff, past customers, and stakeholders, to reinforce the value it brings to them.

However, you need more than an average brand film to achieve these goals. A great brand film needs to weave a striking narrative that stays with the viewers for a long time. The presentation needs to be impactful but short and sweet.

Therein lies the challenge for most brand film producers. You might succeed to forge empathy between the subjects on-screen and the viewers. But the effect won’t last long if the film lacks brevity and “tightness”. Without the right length and pacing, the viewers’ attention spans can drop like a hot pan.

On the other hand, if your brand film doesn’t convey the message in its entirety and with clarity, the goals of your client remains unmet. That’s where partnering with an expert post-production team can make a world of difference.

Let us take you through how we, a seasoned video editing company, help produce stunning brand films.

Unforgettable Storytelling

The key to making a hard-hitting brand film is to focus on effective storytelling and succinct delivery. Your video should strike a connection with the viewers, offer them an insightful peek into the brand and what it stands for, and send a potent message. Sometimes, it also includes a compelling ‘call to action’ to encourage viewers to share or talk about the brand. And, all of this must be done within a span of 2-5 minutes.

It’s not just about re-arranging and stitching together hours and hours of raw footages that you’ve filmed. Editing pros like us know how to condense the original cinematography creatively and cohesively so the end result is authentic and exciting to viewers.

Some of the best brand films to have come out of our editing bays keep the focus on the company while weaving a narrative that puts the audience at the center. That’s a way to establish a strong bridge between the brand and the audience.

Another key to masterful storytelling is creating emotional connections. For example, it’s one thing for a company to use a voice track to “tell” the viewers how they are changing lives. It’s a whole another experience for the viewer to see the glimpses of the actual production or service process in motion punctuated by talking heads of the staff or even past customers — people who have directly benefited from the company. When a brand story is told in this manner, its impact goes far deeper.

Focusing on the First Few Seconds is Crucial

It is no longer a secret — studies reveal that if a video doesn’t manage to grab viewers’ attention in the first 10 seconds, the battle is lost. Data further reveals over 30% of viewers move on within 30 seconds if they do not find the content interesting.

This is why it is absolutely vital to make an impression within the first few seconds, despite the overall duration of your brand film. When you manage to hit the right spot within this time, the engagement rates will soar through the skies.

Highlighting the Value

While the audience might already be familiar with a company, serving them with an inspiring message that highlights the value they receive can bolster their trust and loyalty in the brand. One of the main purposes of a brand film is to achieve this desired effect with perfection.

The logic is simple. It’s much easier to gain the audience’s attention and hold it in place if you show them what’s in it for them.

For example, in this video, we built the story on the premise of how the company is putting justice in the hands of the people. We dropped the value right at the outset to hook the viewers while driving the message further through a combination of visuals and sounds. We used standard video editing techniques like shot selection, sequencing, and sound mixing along with motion graphics, tracking, keying, animated infographics, and color grading to put the spotlight on the brand and the value they create while ensuring the viewers are made to feel like they are a part of the story.

Are You Ready to Make Brand Films that Create a Stir?

As companies tap into the power of branded video production, the demand for brand and commercial films is rising. These are fast becoming a popular media asset for brands to feature on their home page, share during meetings and presentations, or even showcase during events. If you want your video production agency to be the go-to solution for clients who are looking to create these films and other type of corporate videos, you need to make your post-production game stronger than ever.

We can be your post-production partner and help you produce stunning brand films that stand out from the crowd of generic, documentary-style films and build rapport with audiences.

Motion Edits is a trusted name in the world of professional video editing for brand films. No matter how complex your project requirements, we manifest visual wonders from your raw footage. Through a combination of our varied skillsets and state-of-the-art professional tools, our animation and editing experts deliver world-class results time and again.

With decades of post-production experience, you can count on us for all your video post production editing needs.

Interested to know more? Get in touch with us.

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