Do you want your music videos to look dope?

Do you want your music videos to look dope?


Motion Edits offers a wide range of skills for music video editing. Our team of editors strives to always bring out a unique approach for each concept.

Transform your Music videos with our creative and stylistic editing services.

Music Video with Scribble Effect

Outsource adding scribble effect to your videos with funky animation, glowing outlines, and neon effects according to the beats and lyrics of the song.

Types of Music Videos

  1. Hybrid videos which are a blend of Concept Videos, Performance videos, and narrative videos.
  2. Based on music style which includes pop, metal, jazz, rock, hip hop, electro, rap, Lo-fi and, classical music videos.

We have edited 500+ music videos of different genres. Check out our portfolio to view our sample work.

Effects used in Professional Music Video Editing

Below is a compilation of a series of video post production effects one can use in a music video based on the theme and style of the footage:

Reverse Effect, Scribble effect also called animated lines, static glitch effect, trippy effect, overlay effect, flip effect also called kaleidoscope effect, old school vintage effect, double sky effect with loads of time remapping.

Motion Edits is a music video post production company that has developed its own artistic effects over the years. It is a continuous practice to be a trendsetter in the post processing market. We have built a team of best music video editors to support you gain subscribers. Our company edits music videos along with graphics and VFX, for artists and bands of a variety of categories.

We follow 5 best practices to ensure creative music video editing services:

  1. Organization: Efficiently arranging the timeline with tactics such as color coding, labeling certain clips, and putting them in a separate folder, etc. This comes with practice as one goes deeper into professional levels of editing.
  2. Cutting the Music Video as one big Performance First. Then going back shopping & inserting B roll moments to keep it interesting and adding the effects. This trick weaves out a beautiful story.
  3. Each of our music video editors cut to the beat of the music. Carefully listening to the sounds, tones, and moods of the music, and editing around the rhythm, slowdowns, and ramp ups. Adding effects that enhance the music influences the overall quality.
  4. Knowing keyboard shortcuts. This is a crucial tip to enhance the speed of the editing process. This is one of the best industry secrets followed by us to meet tight deadlines and budgets of our clients.
  5. Continuously developing our own unique and fun editing effects and style. The best use of these self-created assets and animations can be done in music video edits as compared to any other video post production editing.

One of the bonus guidelines is to ensure to keep it interesting. Avoid anything repetitive or overcrowding it with too many cool effects. This will ensure the complete attention of the audience until the end.

Why outsource Music Video Editing services with Motion Edits Company?

  1. Get Edited Music Videos back fast with our proficient turnaround practice.
  2. Expose yourself to the plethora of skills inherited by our talented team through years of experience.
  3. Gain advantage of our saver policy that helps you with video post-production in your budget.
  4. Unique and engaging videos edited by experts to help you achieve your vision.

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