6 Reasons Why Your App Needs an Explainer Animated Video

6 Reasons Why Your App Needs an Explainer Animated Video


You have successfully built an app for your business that’ll help you connect with your customers better. Of course, you hope to efficiently collect, interpret, and leverage customer data to facilitate business decisions. 

But before you can do that, you need to draw the attention of your target audience towards your app. In other words, you need direct advertising to maximize visibility and generate interest that converts into usage. So how do you best promote your app to create awareness and expand its user base? 

There are many ways to do this: Blogging, social media posts, a website landing page, etc. However, nothing matches the impact of a short, animated video to entice your target audience into clicking the download button. A well-crafted explainer video for your app can turn a viewer into a user in no time and help you achieve your app marketing goals. 

But don’t take our word for it. Studies have found that people, on average, can retain about 77% of what a 60-second explainer video tells them.

The right explainer video for your app should:

  • communicate your app’s features, functionalities, and usage instructions
  • establish your brand connect
  • underline the value to the consumers

Ideally, your app’s explainer video should tell a story for an instant emotional connection with the viewers while incorporating all the above points. That’s the formula for amplifying audience engagement and conversions.

So far, you’ve probably understood how an explainer video can make a world of difference to your app marketing strategy. Let’s further break down six compelling reasons to create explainer videos for your apps.  


  1. Animated explainers drive the point quickly 


An explainer video conveys the gist of your app and creates brand awareness in under a minute. The short duration of an explainer video is just right to hold the attention of your audience. 


Honestly, no one these days has the attention span or the inclination to read through a wall of text explaining the functionalities of a mobile app. In a survey by HubSpot, 54% of consumers expressed keen interest in watching videos from brands and businesses they support. 


So, with the help of animated explainers, you can value your audience’s convenience and choice by offering exactly what they prefer — watching videos. 


  1. They are engaging


Videos are the most engaging form of content to raise awareness around your app. People prefer to see than to read, and science says that they retain more what they see than what they read. No wonder video content takes the top slot among the various means of marketing — especially where your goal is to encourage your audience to act. 


84% of respondents in a survey have revealed that they were positively influenced by watching a brand’s video promotion, which means that the viewers were engaged enough to convert. An animated explainer video is a quick and easy-to-digest content that can convince your prospects to download the app and become a user. 


  1. They are popular among your audience


Videos are the second-most used content type on social media and animations are major attention-grabbers. And of all video content types, 47% are explainer videos, made and promoted by businesses. In a 2018 Statista survey, it was revealed that 85% of Americans watched video content across devices. As a business house, you wouldn’t like to miss out on such an opportunity to promote your product and brand simultaneously through such popular media.


  1. The power to go viral


It takes just a click to share a video on social media and make it go viral. A short, animated video is all you need to grab the attention of your audience and convert them into users. 83% of video marketers say they generated leads through videos. 93% of brands add a customer through a single video on social media. If your explainer video matches your app in awesomeness, it will succeed in generating the kind of engagement that results in maximum downloads. 


  1. One explainer for many advantages 


Your explainer video doesn’t just convey the USPs of your app. It’s practically an all-rounder that provides an effective demo of your app to your target audience, makes a solid sales pitch for downloads, establishes your brand image for prospective customers, and reinforces it for the existing consumer base. 


Your viewers can form a well-rounded idea about your brand, what you do, the purpose of your app, and how they can derive benefit from it — all from a short animated video. How cool is that?

  1. They generate higher ROI


88% of video marketers believe that they garner a higher ROI through videos. Moreover, 43% of businesses think that their incoming support calls have gone down considerably owing to explainer videos. 


The fun part is, an explainer video can be used across multiple channels as a part of your marketing campaign. The return on investment from a well-produced explainer video not only includes expansion in user base, enhanced brand visibility but also in the usability of one video across platforms and reduced operational cost. Considering the benefits that you can draw out of an explainer video, the overall cost of getting it produced seems negligible for your business. 


So, there you have it — six solid reasons why your app needs an explainer animated video. Now that you know the benefits, it’s time to hire experts to create a professional explainer video for your app. Why? While it’s possible to create explainer videos using DIY tools, the result will almost always pale in comparison to a professionally-made animated explainer. 


If you’re serious about giving your app the limelight it deserves and enjoy bigger returns on your hard work, not to mention the costs of developing the app, then hiring an explainer video agency like Motion Edits is in your best interests. Get in touch with us to discuss how we can take your apps to the next level of success with top-notch explainer videos. 


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