5 Reasons Why You Need Corporate Video Content

5 Reasons Why You Need Corporate Video Content


Corporate video is any video created by businesses, companies, corporations, or organisations that are not advertisements. Examples could be a safety video, a welcome video to new staff or an explainer video to educate users internally or externally. Corporate videos are usually used throughout social media and on the companies website meaning the potential for analytics and sharing greatly increase your videos potential.

We believe corporate video is essential for all businesses and organizations and so we have collected our top 5 reasons to convince you too. 

1) Video Appeals to a Wide Audience 

One of the biggest reasons to make a corporate video is to educate your audience and video appeals to a range of people as a learning tool. Visual and audio learners will both find video a great way to learn as opposed to reading articles. Videos can create the opportunity to follow along with instructions and also offer examples that will further enhance the audience’s learning in a safe and time efficient manner. 

2) Search Engines Love Video

Search engines love video and the more videos your website contains, the higher up the search engine your site will go. This is because search engine providers such as google, prioritise web pages containing videos. One of the main reasons for this is that a person spends over twice as long on a webpage with a video than without. Meaning lower bounce rates. The addition of keywords used in your videos listing also gives SEO another reason to rank your video higher in the search results. And if that isn’t enough reason to include video on your website, Forrester Research found that content including a video is 50 times more likely to make it to the first page of google.

3) Easy to Share

Most corporate video will be accessible through a website or can be found on social media leading to the potential for your video to be shared. A high quality engaging video is more lively to be shared so it is important to make sure your video is high quality and a good reflection of your brand. The added bonus of your video being hosted on a social media platform is that most sites come with built in analytics, enabling you to see how well your video is performing.

4) Saves Time

As we mentioned above, video can be a time efficient tool to pass on information as you are able to convey the information in a succinct way. Your customer or audience can also access the information in their own time, decreasing pressure on resources such as tech support for example. A series of tech videos could answer the most common problems which in turn will free up resources to solve more complex problems requiring personal support. This is one of the many uses corporate video could help with.

5) Multiple Uses for Your Content

In the current climate, reusing footage is becoming more convenient and popular for businesses as it not only saves money, but also time. By reusing assets you can be sure the new content will be cohesive with your brand and messaging. It also means you don’t have to shoot a whole new commercial. We did this with our client, Rooster Money back in July. They asked us to recut their existing footage and combine it with some new exciting graphics to create a commercial for their debut broadcast ad. We have since reversioned the ad and have the potential to adapt and reuse the ad endlessly. If you’re interested in the end results, you can see our ad below:

Author Bio: Rob Holder is the Director of Fable Studios, a video production agency in Bristol, UK.

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