5 Perks of Animated Explainer Videos That Every Ecommerce Business Should Take Advantage Of

5 Perks of Animated Explainer Videos That Every Ecommerce Business Should Take Advantage Of


E-commerce has gained immense popularity over the last few years and while it has brought many businesses to establish their presence, this has also created fierce competition. Given the recent global developments, an increasing number of well-established retail brands are focusing on online sales as well.

To first garner customer attention and then retain it for sales to happen, your e-commerce business must outshine the others. But how do you do it in the cut-throat competition of the online sales world?

Here are 5 surprising ways animated explainer videos can help you do that, and much more!


1. Build Loyalty

With so many companies competing for a slice of the market pie, the cost of the acquisition of new customers is getting higher every day. Customers are bombarded with engaging advertisements of new offers and it is difficult for them to stay focused. This is why retaining existing customers has become an all-important task for every brand that wants to succeed online.

In sharp contrast to traditional forms of online content, animated explainer videos are exciting to watch and require little effort. Moreover, the level of emotional connection achieved through them is difficult to get with articles.

Even the shortest of animated videos help you accomplish higher customer retention and build brand loyalty without spending a fortune on advertisements.

2. Powerful Marketing

Every marketer agrees that in today’s day and age, videos form one of the most significant parts of the overall marketing strategy. They are the most consumed form of online media with no other format even coming close. Animated videos appeal to the masses quickly and with the assistance of social media, they have the potential to spread like wildfire. They can be shared without the hassle and take a short while to transfer information.

It’s not just kids who love animation! No matter the demographics, product life-cycle, or the customers’ stage of the journey, videos can get the job done over and over again.

With the right animated videos, you can not only save on your marketing costs but also reach more customers in lesser time.

3. SEO Enhancements

While content has always been the core of internet marketing, content marketing has evolved. Text is no longer at the center stage of the game and it is no secret that videos have taken over the internet by storm. This is evident from the fact that most of the traffic being shared on the internet is videos!

It is easier for people to get attracted to animated videos in their news feed and suggestions. Once they click, it is likely for them to finish watching the complete video, because they are usually short, crisp, and entertaining.

Search engines pick this trend and suggest more of the same form of content, letting your brand appear in more searches. This process rewards websites that incorporate videos in their online systems with higher digital authority and credibility.

4. Improve Sales

Leads and conversions for e-commerce websites are directly proportional to the amount and quality of website traffic. When Google ranks you on the top of SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), you get more visitors to your e-commerce websites. Further, animated explainer videos improve the odds of these visitors staying longer on your website and eventually buying. The higher the traffic, the higher sales!

Secondly, animated explainer videos are a quick way to garner attention on multiple channels like social media, websites, and blogs. Animated explainer videos do a far better job at demonstrating the usage and benefits of your products than text. This installs a greater degree of confidence in the mind of viewers which directly influences their purchase decisions.

5. Heightened Visibility

Whether it is complicated processes or abstract concepts, there are no limits to what you can achieve through animated videos.

Brand visibility for your e-commerce website is helpful to establish repeat purchases and returning customers. The more you stay fresh in the minds of people, the better your chances of success. When products are explained through animated videos, customers can grasp even the most complicated concepts with ease, making the entire process super-friendly.

This is also why animated videos are favored over text by search engines. When you add these to your product pages and landing pages, they keep the audience glued to the screens and your brand visibility soars.

If done right, animated product explainer videos can take your e-commerce brand to unimaginable heights. However, it is equally necessary to focus on the quality – while high-quality content can get your business soaring, mediocre videos can deliver quite the opposite.

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