5 Most Compelling Reasons to Work with a Professional Video Editor

5 Most Compelling Reasons to Work with a Professional Video Editor


Nearly anyone can edit videos these days. The market is filled with free video editing software that comes with a ton of cool features, frames, color settings, transitions, etc. But, one thing is for sure: Those videos will never be the same as professionally edited videos.

We’re not here to tell you that video editing is, by far, the most important aspect of video creation. But, the truth is, without a pro editor working on your videos post-production, your video quality can diminish.

Not convinced? Let’s take you through some of the most crucial reasons why your post-production work should be handled by a professional video editor.

1. Get good returns on your video production

Did you know that the potential cost of poor-quality videos can go well beyond the actual cost of production? In other words, you might try to save cost on video editing, but this one step can result in a less-than-impressive video experience for viewers. And, let’s face it — no one wants to spend time on videos that are pixelated, choppy, or do not play smoothly.

A survey back in 2013 found that poor quality videos can fuel negative brand perceptions and ultimately, hurt the bottom-line of your business or that of your clients. Today, with a boost in the quantity and quality of video content online, consumers have more choices in picking what they want to see. Therefore, without sleek editing, your videos run the risk of not being viewed at all.

Whether you’re a business trying to produce your own videos or a video production company, if your goal is to generate a good ROI on videos, you simply can’t ignore the importance of professional video editing.

2. Achieve perfect flow, cuts, and transitions

The job of a professional editor is to transform raw footage into a compelling video. And, there’s significant expertise involved in giving a video its final shape before presenting it to the audience. So, whether or not a video fulfills its goal and purpose is often in the hands of the editor.

Ensuring a smooth transition from one scene to the next, making perfectly-timed cuts, and maintaining a steady pace of the film are essential tasks that go into the making of a successful video. Accomplishing them with finesse is anything but a walk in the park. A professional video editor takes care of it all, paying special attention to continuity, coloring, layering, and sound edits.

Conversely, an amateur attempt at video editing can rarely get all of these aspects of video editing right.

3. Beginner-level software doesn’t cut it

Unless you’re an editing pro, you’re probably not going to invest in professional-grade editing software, which can run over a thousand dollars for each license. But they also offer features that are far more powerful in terms of merging colors, correction, lighting changes, or applying custom settings on each video frame. This level of editing can never be achieved through beginner software.

Plus, it’s never one software that can give your professional results. Dedicated video editing companies apply different software to achieve the polished end-result that grabs the eyeball. For instance, editing a single video might require the use of editing software like Premiere, a grading tool such as Resolve or Maya, and a composting software such as Fusion or Nuke. A video editing company has a team of professional editors with mastery over this software. And, that’s what sets them apart.

4. Save precious time

Editing a video takes time if you’re doing it right. But that time will be considerably less when you hire a professional editing company than if you do it on your own. Because editing is their main job and they are specially trained to do it well, they have tons of practice and experience in achieving the desired result.

On the other hand, if editing is your side job or you’re just learning the ropes, you’re likely to spend a lot of time looking for the right features, learning the functions in various tools, and watching tutorials. Result? An editing task that would have taken a pro editor to finish in 2 days might take you a week. Why not spend that time filming more videos and leave the editing to a professional? It just makes better business sense.

5. Save costs

And now, the most compelling reason of all: Cost.

The main reason why you might want to go DIY is cost. You think it’s cheaper to edit your videos as you don’t have to pay anyone to do it. On the surface-level, it does seem that way. But delve a little deeper, and you’ll begin to see that’s really not the case.

Think about it. While you’re investing your time in editing, how much more could you earn by creating more videos instead? How many more clients could you have taken? How many more projects could you have handled?

Basic editing software might be cheap or even free, but it comes with the additional cost of poor quality.

Taking all of these factors into account, hiring a professional editing company to edit your videos actually turns out to be a smarter and more cost-effective decision than doing it yourself.

Wrapping it up…

The making of a perfect video involves a lot of steps. While a clever script, skillful camera, and audio work, and experienced production are key to success, professional editing is necessary to seal the deal. The editing suite is where it all comes together to form a video that’s coherent, engaging, and entertaining.

With the right combination of technical knowledge and creative skill, a professional video editing company like Motion Edits can turn the tide for your videos, and make or break the overall tone of the piece that decides whether or not the final product succeeds in eliciting the desired emotions and actions from viewers.

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