5 Explainer Video Styles Your Business Can Benefit From

5 Explainer Video Styles Your Business Can Benefit From


Amidst many video types, explainer videos have proven their worth as an excellent marketing tool. It’s a wonderful resource for marketers, fun to create for makers, and highly enjoyable for the audience.

The graph below shows the popularity of explainer videos, with 54% of marketers using them to drive their marketing goals.

types of video content used by marketers

types of video content used by marketers

If you or your clients are looking to derive the much-raved benefits of explainer videos, a creative team of animators like ours can bring to life the message you want to convey, motivate the viewers to take action, and build a unique personality for your brand — all at the same time. The question is, which explainer video to opt for?

The one that gives you the creative freedom to set the stage, talk about your brand, product/service, and connect with your audience in an engaging manner.

Simply put, the best explainer video uses the perfect visual metaphors, graphics, and resonating moments in storytelling that make your audience realize how your product/service fits in their life. Animated explainer videos are perhaps the best bet to excite, resonate with, and persuade the targeted viewer to engage with your business.

Here are five such explainer video styles your business can benefit from.


1. Infographic Explainer Videos

It is an animation style where information takes precedence over everything else. But that doesn’t mean they are boring. Quite the opposite actually. With a minimalist approach to storytelling, these types of explainer videos use animation to disseminate complex data and statistics.

Through expert use of graphics and amazing visual effects, infographic explainer videos do the best job of representing facts and figures in a way that catches the eye and grabs the attention of your audience.


2. 2D Character Animation Explainer Video

Animated characters representing your brand, product, or service are always entertaining to watch. 2D creates characters and scenes in a two-dimensional space. This style is open to unlimited customizations at reasonable costs.

On the other end, 3D animation gives explainer videos an immersive experience. It is ideal for explaining the workings of physical products. Animation in explainer videos effortlessly simplifies difficult-to-grasp ideas and in a fun way too.


3. App Explainer Video

These short videos offer a great bang for your buck when you’re looking to promote your app. They pack a lot of punch in terms of showcasing your app’s features, benefits, the kind of experience potential users can expect, and so on — all in just 30-60 seconds!
Often, the best app videos include screencast or actual screen recordings combined with captivating audio and narration. These videos can work wonders in communicating an app’s worth.


4. Motion Graphics Explainer Video

These videos are characterized by a predominant use of artwork and moving graphics. The characters are skipped in favor of graphics that morph, shift and transition to explain ideas. They are creatively ideal for complex concepts and look serious enough for brands that don’t want to go the cartoon way.


5. Whiteboard Animation Explainer Video

A simple and effective video style uses a whiteboard and hand-drawn flow of information through graphics. It essentially simulates black-line graphics to illustrate the concepts or ideas at play. It is easy to follow through without losing interest. Information is presented visually in small bites and reinforced through audio. In production terms, ease of operation and low cost makes it one of the most affordable explainer videos.


Why your business should use explainer videos?

Because no one can remain ‘indifferent’ to an animated explainer video. Let’s break it down quickly. Today’s internet users prefer watching videos over reading plain text. Plus, they have a short attention span—amounting to a few seconds —which leaves a very small window for you to make an impact with your brand messaging.

Explainer videos tick all the boxes that make for a great piece of content that engages, entertains, and informs your viewers. You can clarify your product and boost your sales, while your audience retains the information with a livened-up pitch. What’s more? It increases your web traffic and makes your online visibility skyrocket.

However, all these benefits can only come from high-quality animation and creatively executed explainer videos. Motion Edits is one such explainer video production agency that has an impressive portfolio of having created successful explainer videos. Our skilled and creative team produces animated explainer videos in line with the brand, keeping your target audience in mind.

We’ve crafted flawless explainer videos for various businesses, and yours can be the next video to break the internet. If you’re unsure about the type of explainer video that would best suit your brand and business goals, talk to us today!


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