5 Essential Elements of Effective Video Post-Production

5 Essential Elements of Effective Video Post-Production


Post-production has evolved from one of the tools in packaging video content to perhaps the most important factor in deciding the visual appeal of the final output. No matter how incredible your raw footage is, it doesn’t have much value until after the post-production stage.

So what goes on at this stage that makes the difference? Let the editing pros at Motion Edits break it down for you.

Here are five most important elements that helps us nail any post-production project and transform it into an immensely watchable and engaging video.

1. Trimming the Footage

Contrary to popular belief, trimming the raw content does not begin right away. The basics have to be set first. Your footage might have been shot through multiple cameras and in several aspect ratios. We bring uniformity across the table by fixing the aspect ratios and shrinking the video sizes to match your requirements.

Next up, we have trimming. Depending on your requirements and the audience type, the video has to be shortened. Repetitive and useless shots are taken out without hampering the storyline. Shot selection is done meticulously so your audience sees only what they need to see for highest level of impact.

2. Rearranging and Sequencing

Removing excess content gives us the space to work with the essentials, but it leaves the content in a disorganized state. To maintain the right sequence, your script is used as the baseline and the clips are arranged accordingly.

It does not just stop here – sometimes this chopping and rearranging lead to asynchronistic audio and video. This is why it is super important to review the content from the beginning to the end, find any issues with the synchronicity and also, to check if the video can be trimmed further.

This is the step where we also split the footage into A rolls and B rolls. The former is the primary footage that forms the backbone of whole production. These shots are often the most cinematic ones and tell the lion’s share of the story. B Rolls, on the other hand, play a more supplemental role and serve as fillers on top of the main footage.

After the successful organization of trimmed material, additional elements such as branding, intro reels, and visual effects can be added.

3. Adding Visual Effects

Effects are incremental in enhancing the visual appeal of the finished content. In some cases, effects like VFX and animation help to bridge the gap between fantasy and reality, letting production companies save revenue on otherwise expensive shoots, while in others, they can be as basic as fade-in, fade-out transitions. Whatever your need, our team of experts can create spectacular effects and include them in your videos.

Thinking in advance about the kind of video effects you need can save you a lot of effort in the long run. However, if you are not sure, a detailed conversation around your project with our consultants can come in handy.

4. Sound Editing

A common mistake that filmmakers make is not ascribing the same relevance to audio as they do to their videos. This goes beyond the usual audio-video synchronization and errors in this area can be fatal to the content quality.

This is why our experts follow a four-step approach to make sure everything falls into place.

  • Sound correction – Just like the excess video, some sounds do not belong there. Removing background noises and base lining the audio track to cover unwanted sounds is where it all begins. With state-of-the-art software, we can achieve consistent sound levels that complement your video.
  • Audio smoothening – Loud noises and spikes in audio levels are common occurrences, despite the kind of setup you had while collecting raw footage. In cases of outdoor settings, sounds from the environment around you can creep in your video.

We create a coherent level of sound throughout the video, so the audience does not feel intimidated at any point. Smooth audio levels help the viewers connect to your videos on a much deeper level.

  • Adding music – Music is one of the most significant aspects of the overall audio editing procedure. Whether you want an epic documentary, a catchy advertisement, or an immersive brand film, the right music would do half the job for you. Music is a powerful tool and when done right, can induce an emotional response in the audience.

We choose from thousands of right tracks in multiple genres from our in-house music library and edit them to suit your filmmaking style and requirements.

  • Sound effects – Mild sound effects uplift the content quality and convey important junctures in the video. However, the line between ‘just the right amount’ and ‘too much’ is too subtle. Having worked on thousands of projects, we know how to do it right.


5. Color Correction and Grading

Color has a huge psychological effect on the viewer and plays a crucial role in drawing the right emotion and response from them. From color correction to the advanced color grading elements that define the overall tone, we manipulate everything in a way that suits your requirements.

Color correction is what differentiates amateur videos from professional ones. Adjusting white balance and exposures makes your videos come alive while the right colors, saturation, brightness, and contrast can radically alter the overall look and feel of any video.

The color corrected footage goes through color grading, which make each shot look stunning and flawless, making sure the mood is right for every shot and scene.

Take Advantage of Masterful Post-Production

As you can tell, post-production is a whole another realm altogether and is best left to the experts if professional quality editing is what you’re looking for.

You do your best as a filmmaker, videographer, or cinematographer in the pre-production, why cut corners on the post-production?

At Motion Edits, we are a leading name in the world of video post-production, VFX, and audio design. Our experts come from a vast experience of working with big-budget studios and production teams as well as solo filmmakers and small businesses alike. No matter what your requirement or budget, you can rest assured that we can get exactly what you want!

To watch our post-production magic unfold right before your eyes, contact us today!

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